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This is great advice.
Does anyone spray bindings action with silicone spray anymore or any type of lube spray or otherwise?
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I know of no one who backs off the valve springs of their lawn mower or seasonal use vehicle. Not  even the local race car or motor cycle enthusiasts;  though doing so is not a bad idea,  I never have in decades of skiing or vehicles;  some of which have set for years unused.


I am not a back country bash er of huge forceful deep snow arc's, rocks and trees;  thus it is not an issue of ill-safety if ejected..  My bindings are set on the light side;  by my ask or deed,  lighter than the charts dictate.  I am glad to be out of them should I need to be with no knee strain,  and have not been released when I should not have been.


I intend to,  but have not always waxed before storage.  Same wax I will be skiing on;  scrapped and buffed or brushed.  If not,  then simply rubbing wax, any wax  even a candle on the edges to prevent rust is good.


Storage is upright on their tails, in the basement many times strapped at the tips, generally with a piece of 1/4" insulation foam between them loosely brake enter-twined.  I think it would be best to leave them apart at the midsection;  materials,  wood or man-made certainly can take a set,  and  can warp on their own, w/o other influence.

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We put our skis in bags and put them in our climate controlled off site storage unit. My goal is to get the velcro ski holder together thingy's :) for each pair but haven't gotten there yet.   

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I do zilch. Mostly. Climate controlled storage, don't cinch skis together with Velcro, but that's about it until following season when I do reality check on edges and wax. Rationale: I'm time starved, and on a molecular level (brain or bases, take your pick) doubt all the prep makes much diff. Probably wrong...
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