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Marker Griffon

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Hi Guys,

I Just purchased a set of Marker Bindings and have had them fitted.

I have a couple of questions about them.

Now, i am sure the issue of DIN is one that has been disscussed many times but here is my VERY newbie stance in it.

My details are as follows:

Weight: 85 kg / 189lbs

Height: 5'11 / 181cm

Ski level High

The Ski shop set my DIN to 5.

Now they told me they set it accroding to a chart and they have to set it to the chart by LAW?

When i went up to the hill everytime i landed switch my skis ejected?

That's not right?

Now i have a second question. there is a second setting on the heel Swing weight?

what do i set that to??

Thanks in advance
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The Griffon does have more elasticity than the Marker you are replacing so apples to apples you will be less apt to prerelease. What is your boot sole length? that is part of the calculation on what your DIN should be set at. Swing weight setting? I don't recall that on any Griffon. 
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boot is 27

it says swing weight on the back, i could be misstaken.


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Oh, I thought you were referring to a "swing weight" setting. Actually, the design of the Griffin is ti keep the swing weight to a minimum, meaning the mass of the binding is to the center of the mounting distance reducing the swing weight, a low swing weight makes for easier spinning tricks. In that picture, the toe looks like it is set at a 10, not a 5. The 27 is a Mondo size of your boot, not the BSL, the BSL is in mm on the heel, most likely in the 315-320mm range.  
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yeh, i changed my DIN to 10 :)
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i measuered my boot. yeh spot on about 320mm

318mm to be exact

Thanks for this help Philpug.

much appreciated.

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I got 8.5, but I would set slightly higher since you are going to be in the park with them. So a 10 would be fine.
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cool. Thanks
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Hey guys,

Sorry to bother, but this setting???

Any clues on what this should be set on?

it is an adjustment. It is currently set on 7

Thank you
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I always set toe and heel piece to the same settings. In your case I wouldn't hesitate to set toe and heel to 10.

You are on the right track asking about your bindings in this forum. The settings that a shop will make are for the general public. Whether by law or by legal suit (the US being quit litigious) they are going to set it lower, not higher. Even my buddy, the shop owner, says to move it up myself, he won't.

Get to know your gear well so if you do continue to have problems with retention you can adjust them yourself. Make sure you understand the proper forward pressure setting in addition to the DIN settings for your gear and be sure to keep you boot soles in good condition and free of dirt. There is a reason you see the racers wearing cat tracks all the time. A clean boot, half of the boot/binding interface, free from scratches, grit and grime works better and more reliably than a dirty one.

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thanks for that
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For what it's worth I weigh 130 lbs and my Griffon's are set at 5. They released at all the right times last year.
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Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone know how to fix the annoying squeaks on the Griffon. Mine were fine when new, but after a while they develop an annoying squeak, I've locked my boot into the binding & tried torquing it to see if I could figure out where the squeaks are coming from, but no luck pin-pointing it. Maybe it's all the plastic parts, I dont know. Anyone else experience this?

Great binding otherwise. Good solid hold & light weight.
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lube? wd40?
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