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30 Days Change Your Life

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Ski season is rapidly approaching ,it's time to get real.
Alot of you are training to hit the slopes in better shape this year,and that's great.
The one thing that trumps exercise is nutrition. No amount of exercise will fix a poor diet.
Here is a link to a 30 day Paleo Challenge that will change you.
Read it ,try it ,you've got nothing to lose but that extra 10lbs.that refuses to leave.       
If anyone is interested ,let's keep track of your progress here.

Good Luck
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I'm in.
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Sweet,good luck.
I've just got to get rid of yogurt,cheese and the big one alcohol.
Other than that we eat pretty clean.
I'm eating a pineapple omelet as I type this ,3 omega3 eggs& some fresh pineapple.
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I don't drink much so the alcohol is no big deal. If I have to give up the cream in my coffee I might as well give up the coffee too. Bread and cereal will be the big ones for me.

Probably could have picked a better weekend to start a new diet though.
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My gym is doing it together.  I started in late June and have lost 10 lbs, which is too much.  That was not the objective for me, though I have been told by my doctor that my weigh was still too high (prior to the 10 lbs).  But, he's a "bean pole".

I have had trouble with my energy level.  It has been suggested that I need to include more fat.  The group that I am doing the Paleo Challenge with are doing it by following the formula from the Zone.  They are using the food restrictions from Paleo.

Most are slacking a bit on weekends.  Me too, but not much.  I had a steak (grass fed - supposedly) and scallops at my buddy's restaurant in Williamstown.  There were potatoes, incredible potatoes, on my plate which went to Matt.  I ate 4 fork-fulls.  Had a double helping of the salad bar.

I understand that there can be a physical adjustment to this way of eating.  You really have to plan your meals when you go to work.  Sometimes I just skip lunch and eats nuts and fruit, and that depletes energy, big time.  I seem to be less hungry than I normally would be.
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