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Does anyone know anything about these skis?

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Searched for reviews, but can't find any.

2006 K2 Escape 5000 174cm - Tyrolia Bindings

The other skis I'm looking at are k2 Apache X 160cm

I'm a 170lb 6ft Male, probably beginner-intermediate.

I skied some 159cm skis a few weeks ago and loved them, but I'm guessing this may have just because I loved how easy they were, having not skied since last season (Australian season).  I want an all mountain ski, for Australian conditions (not good, not much in the way of powder, not that I would be at the level yet anyway), that isn't too unstable at speed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this will be my first pair of skis, and I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the info.


Edit: is there any way a mod could fix my spelling error in the title?
        Just checked with seller and they are definately 5000s, not 5500s.
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Those K2 5000 skis were something of a common intermediate rental ski here in the Eastern US. They'd be fine for you if the price was right.
Don't remember about the Apaches.
If this is your first pair of skis, don't sweat it too much. Really, the ginormous difference between these two is the length here! 160cm versus 174cm. If you loved a 159cm then why not buy the 160's?
It is unlikely if you ski a lot you'll have either ski for years. One thing to look at is the edges. Looking from the base, how wide is the edge? If it is very narrow - like 1/32nd of an inch, the ski cannot be tuned by machine anymore and the bases are likely to be so thin anyway that you'd be out of ptex once it went through the machine. Things like that probably make more difference.
Basically, don't worry too much, buy a 'decent' pair of used skis and start skiing.  We must go down the hill on skis to learn skiing -spending too much time worrying about the right skis does little good. One should spend a lot of time getting boots. If skis are cheap and you don't trash them then you can resell them anyway for far less than it would've cost to rent each time.

Whatever you get, take note of the dimensions - sidecut radius, tip, waist and tail width in mm. That way you'll have some reference to compare your next pair of skis to.
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Apache X , I belive , were considered an intermediate to advanced allmountain ski . An ok all around on piste ski ,deals with ice, soft snow and crud fairly well . Not a speed machine but should be stable at the level your at .
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