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Junior Club sets

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My soon to be 13 year old really wants to play golf now that his arm is finally out of a cast. I'm trying to get up to speed on decent junior golf set options that will last for a couple/few years. We're still waiting for an overdue growth spurt so he's just under 58" at the moment.

How much club length 'up-sizing' is practical? I've read 1 1/2" to 2" max.
Any set and number of club recommendations are appreciated.

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Last week I picked up at a Dicks sporting goods store a Walter Hagen "varsity" transitional set for my son who will turn 12 in Aug. He is close to 5'-5' 2" in height. On the box it said for players 58" and taller ages 13 and up. Was about $220.00, has a driver, 3 wood, 3 and 4 hybrid irons, 5,7,9 and sand wedge, putter and bag.

I took a few hits off of some of the clubs at a range and I knocked them out pretty good. Thought they hit well, but I'm of the grip and rip mentality, no accuracy in my game. He has hit some great shots with them. He hits straight about 80% of the time no hook or slice, its nice to watch. For 2-3 years I had just taken him to some driving ranges to hit. Last year rented small kids set at local course for 9 holes and he did ok. He wanted to play real golf this year so he saved some money from mowing lawns and got this set. Have been out 2x so far today all you can play with cart for $30 so he hit 27 holes. My mistake is letting him drive the cart sometimes, he gets distracted, probably going to have to start walking. This set seems like a good set he can play with for quite a few years.
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I pieced together a set (Driver, 3 Wood, Mid Iron, 7,Wedge, putter and bag) of Nike Junior Eagle 3 Silver from three sources for $165 delivered.
Kids height 59-66 inches.

These clubs are the final stage before graduating to adult clubs. The club head loft, head weight and offset specifications become more similar to adult clubs while remaining unique and easier to play for younger golfers. Every aspect of this driver is built to enhance playability. That means it is easy to swing and promotes a ball flight that is high and straight.

Along with skiing, soccer and a multitude of other activities, he'll now follow me down the path to ruin sporting some nice clubs.
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Better than sitting in a room playing videos all day. Sounds like you give him lots of choices of things to do. Way to go.
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