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Will you eventually be able to set up a video library for the epicski community and host from your server? This would be a great resource for us. SCSA's comments on the "perfect turn" thread about wanting a visual reference made me think of asking.
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Let me know if you need some server space. I have 4 domains to work off of.
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Originally posted by nolo:

Will you eventually be able to set up a video library for the epicski community and host from your server? This would be a great resource for us. SCSA's comments on the "perfect turn" thread about wanting a visual reference made me think of asking.
It's possible. Space is not the issue, it's bandwidth. If the speed you have been getting from my server is acceptable, then using this space is an option.

Give me some feed back.
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It works well for me, but I have a satellite connection and downloads are pretty fast. How about those of you on dial up?
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great vids and sweet skiing, but the file size is wicked big *and* they're not streamed. So a 3Meg file has to download all the way before it can start playing.

I got about 128kbs from dchan's server, which is slower than my dsl connection. Leads me to believe that dchan has this on ADSL or cable modem with a 128k upload cap. That's just not going to work for videos this size. It's 4 to 5 minutes to download it. The Quicktime plugin I use in Mozilla and IE will start playing it a little while before it completes, but it's still a long wait - it waits until it *thinks* it will finish the rest of the d/l by the time the playback gets to the middle.

Right now they're mpg files - high quality, but huge. Can we get them converted to Real or WindowsMedia format? That should be a whole bunch smaller. And even if you don't have a Real or WMA server, the players can start playing them from a straight http server right away.

There's a thread several months back where SCSA and I chatted about various video conversion tools, IIRC. May show up in search. I may poke around some if I have a chance.

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exactly Mark, ADSL with an upload cap. I get 900K downloads but .... That's why I mentioned the speed question for those out there.

I didn't take the time to convert the files to anything else just because I didn't have a time to do so and am just playing with this server. I'm still trying to get an Apache linux server up and running but have not had the time to tinker with it. (this is a good thing since I'm now self employed and means I'm busy enough to not have tons of idle time)

If I get a chance after this big project I'm working on, I'll run those videos through Premier and convert them to some streaming format and see how much I can compress them.

P.S. Go to bed Mark!

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Wow, Mark. The broadband files loaded instantly for me at 500-700 kbps and looked fabulous. The 56K modem versions were also fast, but fuzzy.

One of the things we might want to do with these videos is movement analysis. It's a bit hard to see everything on such a small screen, but when you enlarge the view, the pixilation gets noisy. Do you have any suggestions to help the tech midgets in the group (such as moi)?
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Hi nolo,

I don't think there's a lot more that can be done to make the videos look good and still stream quickly on a dialup, at least not with free/cheap software. The way these things work for low-bandwidth connections is by creating a smaller file. The Windows Media encoder deliberately creates only a "postage-stamp-size" video file when it's configured to create a modem-speed streamable file.

I think both RealVideo and WindowsMedia encoders can create a higher-quality low-bandwidth file, but you need to have an actual streaming-media server running to serve up that type file: RealServer or Windows Media Server. They aren't free, and don't come with our hosting plan. Don't have it for my own linux server either.

For movement analysis, people on lower-bandwith connections might prefer to just take the longer time to attempt to view the higher-bandwidth version. Or for best quality, the original MPEG files you posted. You also can right-click (or command-click on Mac) on the links and "save link target" to download the files and then play them locally.

Maybe we can all set up an EpicSki video server collective of sorts. A number of people might each have some server space. We've got some extra space and bandwidth for a couple more files; dchan has the server he's setting up, and slider offered some space too. So until there's a formaal EpicVideo server, we can probably as a community find places to put stuff like this up.

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Ok, try these. They're in Windows Media 8 which is built into XP. On Windows 2000, Me, or 98 you'll get a prompt for the new codec if you don't have it. Also available on Macintosh at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...ad/default.asp

Sorry, no Linux. Would have used RealProducer but the freebie version won't convert MPG files and I'm cheap :

Gothics1 - broadband version

Gothics2 - broadband version

Gothics1 - small for 56k modem version

Gothics2 - small for 56k modem version

You might need to copy and paste the URLs into Windows Media player rather than just click. I don't think Lisa's web host is sending out the right mime-type for .wmv files, so it's not firing off the plugin for the player.


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Thanks for the info, Mark.

Note to self: put "streaming video server" on wish list...
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