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Spell Check out of sync

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Just typing a PM and trying to use the spell check (which isn't very useful in the first place IMHO) and ran into this:

The "Change to" field is lagging behind the selected text.

MS Vistax64, FF 3.0.11
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And it doesn't know how to spell colour either.
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Come on guys, do you really suck this much? If you can't make it work correctly, do away with it and allow me to use normal browser spell checkers...

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Come on guys, do you really suck this much? 

Does this treatment of others usually work well for you, Kyle?
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I'm really getting tired of coming on here and reading about how this feature has now been fixed, and how great this site is blah blah blah

I've posted in the bug report forum, 17 days ago. I'm sorry, I've tried to be patient here, but bottom line is huddler has taken something that wasn't broken (ok, vB was limited) and broken it. You're either the or one of the site owners, correct? This doesn't trouble you at all that here we are, 7 (?) months later and the forum software still lacks the basic functionality that we once had? What's going to happen in the fall, when everyone starts thinking of skiing and they come here more often? They're going to notice things that still aren't correct, but I guess as long as the shiny knew things all work who needs the basics...

I know I have read a few posts somewhere on this site by another customer of huddler, they claimed that they were having a lot of the same issues that we are having here. Did they bite off more than they can chew?

Respectfully, the wheel is round and has been since c3500 BC for a reason.
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We entered into a co-development project with Huddler. Why we did it is well documented, but to review, the new platform gives people ways to participate in the community that aren't so threatening as authoring a post--a way to get their feet wet, so to speak, before diving in. Contributing a review or adding a section (or even a line or two) to a wiki lowers the bar so more people can participate and the community can benefit from the additional input. The other obvious attraction of this platform is the ability to organize information into related content for easier storage and retrieval. There are other strengths that will become apparent as new areas of the site get fleshed out. The fact that the project is in development suggests that we do not expect perfection immediately, though certainly we are aiming for it. Our approach is to work through a Prioritized List. The development team has shown themselves to be exceedingly trustworthy, entirely capable, and utterly aligned with our purpose of making the website very useful and hospitable for skiers. I know it has been frustrating to experience instability between the platform and computer operating systems and browsers. I can assure you that the dev team is paying attention to your bug reports and doing their best to resolve them. I ask for your continued tolerance in the sincere belief that your patience will be rewarded. Soon.
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What is threatening about making an anonymous post on the internet?

I'm trying to be patient here, but just when i finally get used to the way things are now I find something new that doesn't work. BTW, I took a look at the Prioritized List, which was updated on 7/15, and the Spell Check bug isn't even on there (even though it was reported on 7/1). I did find this though:

Allow browser menus to function inside of Text Editor (e.g.

for using FF's spell check)

Complete  2/2/2009

Interesting, as my spell check in FF has not worked here in a long time...
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We'll try to find out what's causing the malfunction. Thanks for letting us know. We do appreciate the notification; my note was just to remind you that we are not anonymous and your words have the same impact in this virtual space as they would if they were delivered face to face. 
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

....... your words have the same impact in this virtual space as they would if they were delivered face to face. 

 Well said.   Nothing wrong with complaining, but sheesh, they way you put it it's like the spell check problem cancels out the fact that you have access to a community of people here that you benefit greatly from and you just can't take it!!

One word comes to mind, and no pun intended.

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Actually, one of the things I like about kids is their candor and their willingness to hold others (coworkers, friends, vendors) to high standards and complain in harsh terms when things aren't right.  I used to do that when I was Kyle's age -- now I draft my emails oh-so-carefully when I need to suggest someone has made a mistake.
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I apologize for my earlier choice of words. I was in the midst of an argument here, and signed on to relax. When I found myself fighting with spell check my anger from real life spilled over into the virtual world.

Sorry to all, esp. nolo.

P.S. I believe the spell check errors only occur within the PM editor
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No hard feelings, we'll try to get it fixed.
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Is anyone else having trouble with the spell check feature?  I just tried it again on two different computers with three different browsers and it works for me.  The reason it isn't on the prioritized list is because we have never been able to replicate the issue.  I imagine it has something to do with some specific markup that you're using in your PM (copying and pasting something a bit odd perhaps?).  Could you please send me the exact content so we can attempt to replicate.  If you have any other details that might help us, please include that as well.


Edited by TeddyG - 7/19/2009 at 04:12 am GMT
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Oh...one more thing.  Since you're using Firefox...the browser's built-in spellchecker works as well.  If you see a word underlined in red, just CTRL + Right Click the word and you'll get the browsers suggested corrections.

I just wanted to make sure people know they have that option in FF.
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Thanks TeddyG, I've been using Firefox, but am too lazy to read all the info on it.  I usually can guess the correction, but have been using google's "Did you mean..." as a spelling corrector when at a loss.
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Bump!  I'm seeing this issue this evening. 
Might be just me, but just a heads up in case
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No clue what was causing it
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