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Cheap lodging in Alta/Snowbird

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I'm planning a trip to Alta/Snowbird for the coming winter and i'm looking for advice on reasonbly priced lodging. I'm open to hotle/motel, time share rental, or anything else. Any advice would be gretaly appreciated.  
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Stay in Sandy and use public transit, it will save you a boat load.
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Another option is to stay at the Peruvian in the dorms -- the rooms are tiny, but you're slopeside and 3 meals are included per day -- I payed just over $100 over new years and only shared the room for 3 of the 5 days.

The Peruvian's a classic -- no TVs in the rooms, family-style common rooms, shared bathrooms, friendly guests and staff, and you can ski right out to the slopes.

Meals are included -- breakfast and lunch are buffet style and dinners are nice, though you have to get reservations early. You can save on a car rental by taking a shuttle up there, so by the time you get hotel + car + meals, it's a damn fine deal.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

Stay in Sandy and use public transit, it will save you a boat load.

If it really dumps, will I have trouble driving from Sandy to Alta/Snowbird? What's the road like. I'd hate to miss a huge powder day becasue I stayed 15 miles away and can't make it up the mountains.
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They do close the road occassionally, but not that often, and if you're on top of it, you can beat-out the road-closing crew. If you search for this topic, you'll find a lot of posts on this.

Basically, it's a really small risk, but it happens from time to time. You'll probably want a 4WD vehicle to get up canyon road, especially if it's dumping.

EDIT: Apparently the public transport works really well, so you can try that as whiteroom suggested.
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The Peruvian Lodge isn't a bad deal if you are travelling alone. For groups, there is much better value in Sandy. If the road is closed, there will be other options that should also be getting great snow.

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The peruvian or gold miners daughter iv heard are great
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