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Opedix 'Posture Control' shirts on the bike?

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Anyone tried this?

Most interested in metric-to-double distance rides, or on a tri bike.
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 Never heard of it.
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seems to be marketed to runners @ present.
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 I've never heard of it either, but since I'm in the middle of my recovery from my big-time shoulder dislocation  (which also sheared off the greater tuberosity of my left humerus) suffered at Taos early in March, I wonder if it might be useful for me. I'm doing lots of PT with painful stretching, and my arm no longer feels like it's going to fall out of the socket, and I can ride my road bike with no problem, but I still have limited range of motion and weakness in abduction and straight overhead. It feels like about half my rotator cuff is fused into a mass of scar tissue. I think this might have helped about six weeks ago. I like the idea in the literature about forcing the humeral head into a good position.
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Can you swim? 
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 Sidestroke, maybe.  I haven't tried since my accident, but I don't think I could get my arm all the way out of the water for a freestyle recovery. Funny thing is, I started swimming three times a week at the place where I live  after my trip to Steamboat in January, inspired by the natural hot water in the public pool there (my host there swims more than he skis) and I was enjoying it. But I can ride my road bike.
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We have anecdotal support from cyclists, mountain bikers and runners that wearing the Posture Shirt enhances their deep breathing.  With training, you will increase the amount of air that is regularly brought into the lungs each minute, and this training effect allows you to ride or run longer and stronger.  However, during a normal breath we typically use only 10 to 15% of our lung capacity. And during exercise, we increase the rate more than the depth of our breathing.  Deep breathing is more work and uses a bit more energy but deep breathing will give you an edge in a competitive situation.  Good riding posture is different from good running posture, but gentle retraction of the clavicle (and shoulder) helps relieve the stress placed on the ribs from the weight of the upper body leaning on your hands.  Given that the muscles of the ribs help us breath and take in deep breaths, wearing the Posture Shirt during cycling or mountain biking will allow you to breathe easier and decrease the rate of fatigue that the breathing muscles go through as the ride progresses, thus enhance riding performance.  Please visit our web site at www.opedix.com for more information!

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