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09 Elan M888 vs 09 Head iM88

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Soliciting comments and preferences between these 2 skis....

Dims. are nearly the same...for 155lb, level 8 skier in Tahoe/West coast....

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I can't speak for the Heads but I skied on some '08 888s last season.  They are very good in heavy crud, they don't deflect and move through it very smoothly.  In icy conditions they have a good hold.  They are wide enough to give decent float and good control in Cascade Concrete.  They carve well and love to go fast on groomers with amazing hold and smoothness, though they still respond fine when going at slower speeds; not like my 666s who only like high speeds.  They don't turn as quickly as my Fischer Atuas (think Pocket Rocket quick without the squirlliness) which are my #1 ski.  However, last season we had pretty poor conditions and I used the Elans at least half of the time because they are superior in hard, and groomed conditions.  The 888s are a great ski and could make a good one ski quiver in coastal conditions.
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Thanks for your input....

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Agree with Posaune having skied a half day on JMD's silver 888 (176 or 178 cm, I think) and about 25 days on Atuas/Misfits the last two years.  Haven't been on the iM88's, but would guess they are a tad stiffer than the 888s.  IIRC, Philpug also had some good things to say about the 888s his son had acquired through adverse possession.
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nfp158 I purchased the Elan 888s last year after reading the glowing reviews by many Barking Bears including Philpug and Dawgcatching. They are correct with the 888s being very versatile on mixed conditions. The groomer performance is enhanced by tuning the edges to 3/1 with no loss of soft snow performance. You may find the im88s stiffer at your weight, next years Head is replacing the im88(Monster series) with the new Peak series. Early reviews suggest a slighty softer model with a larger sweet spot. Many riders of the current im88 have posted they do not like the new model, the 09/10 Elan 888s are only changing the top sheet color. Do a search in Gear Reviews for Dawgcatchings thoughts.
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