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Books Or DVD's on Ski Racing

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Nothing beats lessons and being on the mountain when it comes to learning (at least for me) and will be doing that in December.  What I'm looking for is something to read and/or watch while I peddle my mornings away in the basement.

It doesn't have to be racing specific but should help me race better.  I understand that can happen by skiing better; especially carving.

I'm not looking for Warren Miller type stuff to watch.

I have searched the site and there are several recommendations but I'm thinking I would be better off getting a book that is geared towards racing vice recreational skiing.

Appreciate any recommendations and/or links.

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Some of my favourites that you can find at https://www.snowpro.com/store/e/ ...

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Check out the USSA website, and the on-line store. Full menu of DVD's on a variety of related topics. Most are well done. My favorite recent book is a pretty obscure one. "Effective Ski Coaching" by Tom Reynolds. It was published in 2003. Tom is the founder of the ski industries program at the University of  Maine. Interesting guy, and a life long student of ski racing. I was given a copy, and was pretty impressed. Actually very impressed with how current it was. Loaned my copy to two friends, both with recent National Team and WC coaching experience, and they thought it was good enough to each buy a copy. Check out his website www.ski-race-coach.com   There's obviously other stuff out there.
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I was lucky enough to have Tom Reynolds as my coach when I took my USSA Level 1 many years ago. He really knows his stuff.
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Tom is a real student of the sport, and has been for decades. People who dismiss him just don't know the guy, or his knowledge base. Amazing how many coaches he has coached! The book's well worth the price. I first met him 35+ years ago. He's not some out of touch dinosaur, by any means. I remember standing near him at US Nationals a couple of years ago, and I could tell that a few people were wondering who the short older guy in the baseball cap and big aviator glasses was. Opened his mouth and gently made a comment or two and they were all ears. My kids were looking for a Christmas present for me at the last minute, and picked up the book at our tuning shop a few years ago. Good reading.

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