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Summer skiing, Montezuma basin and Castle Peak.

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I decided to take the Jeep out today and bring my skis along for the ride. I broke trail a few weeks ago so I knew I could easily get up into Montezuma Basin before I had to start hiking. The weather was perfect, a little hot at the bottom but at the top having ski pants and a long sleeve base layer under a t-shirt was perfect. The snow was well summer snow slushy. For skiing in the end of June can you really complain? I also brought my dog Molly along this would be her first ski trip. She did awesome to a her a few turns to figure out what was going on then had no problem keeping a nice consistent pace as we descended. Now onto the pics.

The usually uneventful drive up had one interesting thing today. This bridge had about a 2-3' gully that needed crossed before getting onto the bridge. my biggest concern was traction on the wet wood and getting pushed sideways. The way up the rear tires slide for a instant than stopped. The way down this bridge posed no problems.

End of the road time to gear up and start hiking.

Lots of snow to ski on. You can see three skiers traversing the hill on there way down from the summit.

This is the slope I picked to ski down.

Molly pulling making the hike up easier. I think I might hike to slow for her.

Molly's energy level multiplies when she gets into the snow.

The view from where I started the trip down.

The slope has a decent pitch to it.

About halfway down. The skiing was great.

At the bottom looking back at my tracks.
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Looks like fun!  Thanks for sharing.
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You've gotta good friend there. Nice views tx.
Always like a good Jeep pic!
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Cool report, Cross.

Your photos brought back great memories for me.    My wife and I skied the Montezuma snowfield back in August and September of 2001. 

It was late in the summer, so that "road" where you parked your jeep was clear all the way up to the open space at the bottom of the main snowfield  We drove up there on August 31, skied the snowfield as the sun was going down and then camped overnight.  In the morning, we summited Castle and Conundrum and then skied the snowfield one more time before starting back down that road.

That "road" is so sketchy that my wife wouldn't ride in the car with me on the way down.  She insisted on walking because looking downhill out the passenger-side window was super scary.  It was good skiing, though.  We had fun.

Here's the only photo of that trip that I can find right now:

Thanks for the report.
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