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Women's ski clinics in New England

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Hi everyone. Just got back from the honeymoon. Wedding and honeymoon went by flawlessly. The funny thing is that the honeymoon was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Our flight literally left about 6 hours before the tropical storm hit land.. exactly where we were staying (super fancy hotel at a great value - Riu Palace). Anyway, I digress..

On the coming season, both my wife (yeah..) and my sister would like to take a women's ski clinic. I live in Boston and my sister lives in New York City, so it will have to be in New England. Also, they would prefer a 2 day class to a 3 day, if possible. My wife is a lower lever intermediate (a little timid, holds her back, sticks to blues and still likes to do greens) and my sister is a total beginner (skied a couple of times, but I believe it's in the genes so she will pick it up quick).

Any ideas of where I could find a good clinic for them? Again, 2 day clinic would be better, but I guess if push comes to shove, it could be a 3 day (not sure if I can sell that though).
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I don't know about the clinics but congratulations!

I'm sure there will be several people that can help you out with the lesson/clinic info.
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Mack, a few suggestions. Sunday River aand Okemo have the best women's ski programs. Price wise, Okemo is an incredible deal because it includes Breakfast, lunch, lift, overnight and day ski check. I also just found this site http://www.skilikeawoman.com
which lists women's ski programs throughout the US.

BTW, I will be doing a program called SkiReady at Healthworks Porter Square this fall.

Please feel free to have Kristen contact me, through my website, http://www.ski-fitness.net

I too, tend to be a pretty timid skier, and these workshops have helped me alot.


Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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That site you listed doesn't open.
I've been reading and heeding Jeannie Thoren for over 20 years. There's an article about her in the new Ski Magazine(pg 134). I know she does clinics around the country. You might check if there's one in your area.
My wife, daughter, stepdaughters(100 FIS pts)and athletes have all benefitted from her advice.
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after you click on the link then go up to the address bar and edit the link, remove the comma at the end.


OOPS, you need to put a space after the url otherwise our browsers put exactly what you put in your post. including all the punctuation.
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Uh, Duh! Fixed it. Jeannie Thoren's site is http://www.jeanniethoren.com

She has her 2002 schedule listed, but she does not do anything in New England.<FONT size="1">

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Phil, is she going again this year?
I plan to do the 3 day on january4th.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the
Never settle for the path of least resistance

I hope you dance.....
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Hi Mack

I took the clinic at Sugarbush VT in Feb 2000 and had such a good time. As a result, www.skilikeawoman.com was set up.

Here's the links to 2 and 3 day clinics for women at resorts in New England. (I hope you can access the site - sorry to hear that someone had problems.)

We're currently waiting for the 2001/02 dates, but these pages will give you some idea of what's on offer. The site is regularly updated so keep checking back!

Let me know if you want any more information - and I hope they have as much fun as I did.


Sugarloaf - http://www.skilikeawoman.com/ME07.htm

Sunday River http://www.skilikeawoman.com/ME08.htm

New Hampshire
Bretton Woods http://www.skilikeawoman.com/NH03.htm

Loon Mountain http://www.skilikeawoman.com/NH08.htm

Waterville Valley http://www.skilikeawoman.com/NH13.htm

Killington http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT04.htm

Mount Snow http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT06.htm

Okemo http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT07.htm

Pico http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT07.htm

Stowe http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT09.htm
Stratton http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT10.htm

Sugarbush http://www.skilikeawoman.com/VT11.htm

Yvonne Kidd
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Hi Yvonne! Great Site!!! The link problem waS MY FAULT. I accidentally put a comma too close to where I printed the link.

In about a month, I'll link to Skilikeawoman at my site, http://www.ski-fitness.net <FONT size="1">

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I can't remember her name but there is a woman who has women ski clinics at Sugarbush, VT every year. There are one day as well as 2-3day. They are all inclusive--instruction, lift tickets, breakfast, lunch, video taping. She has them at least three times throughout the season. I bet if you call Sugarbush they would know how to contact her. Or go to the Ski Show in Nov. She is usually there.
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Mack, is Kristen coming to my SkiReady class at Healthworks on 10/21?
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