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Xanadu go or no go?

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I just started wondering about the indoor facilities that should have been preparing to open in New Jersey pretty soon.  It appears that Xanadu is a victim of the economic, banking,  and real estate crunch. for now.

Meadowlands Xanadu announces delay in planned August opening

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The article you linked to is from March of this year. Not much has changed. Work  continues but there is still no confirmed opening date for the indoor slope or any of the retail space.
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Droved by the place in April and had a first look at the structure. It big and wondering how much it costs to run the snow operation there. Guess in this economy, its difficult to recoup the operating costs. 
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 It has become a multi colored elephant for the Meadowlands.I would be surprised of the snow guns ever blow. But on the flip side, what the hell else can they do with that building?
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I drove by there yesterday.  It looks sooooo close to ready from the outside.  Somebody buy this and make it work so I can take a few laps there while Mrs shops with the kids fo an hour next time we pass through here.  Heck, we wasted an hour and a half along with half a tank of gas in the toll booth lines.  Might as well go skiing.

Meadowlands on left. big indoor ski hill in the middle
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Summer of 2010 was the last projection that I had seen.  Big ..... typical ...... NJ BS & Baloney ... they won't allow Cabella to sell EVIL GUNS .. and with the constant bickering over the sports teams moving back to New York, I doubt that this thing will survive the bad economy.
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 Yo Yuki -- please pm me re Ray Wally and Lotus Sevens -- I own his old one and know nothing about him except that he's gone :-(

John Donohoe
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