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The Meaning of Words

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I had an interesting experience today in a clinic that can shed some light on how many of us, even experienced instructors, react to observations from others. Early in the clinic The Mr. Barnes asked us to pair up and provide each other input on our movement patterns. By chance I paired up with another Bear who observed that he saw a bit of park and ride. Running that term through my filters I interpreted his input as saying I was not continuously moving forward, staying aligned over the center of my feet. Since this has been my prime early season focus I was a bit concerned. Yet as we discussed his observation what he saw was I got to a certain edge angle and parked there, I had the capability of adding more edge angle. Wow-what a reminder of the power of words, both of us defined park and ride in different ways. How often do you think that has happened to you or your students?
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Yet another interpretation - your student from the city is going to think you're talking about "parking" their car in a suburban lot and then "riding" the bus into downtown.

Not that you would use the kind of language with a student of course.

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Words have so many meanings that is what is fun about writing and speaking to groups.

Let me bore you for a moment with a thought.

Simple word;


Fruit or color?

FRUIT there are over one hundred verieties of ORANGE in the US alone. I love the Juicy valencia, or the best juicer for the month of January would be the Grapefruit ORANGE. Now some one might think Sevile Orange, we all know that is BITTER and used in Marmalaide.


There are at least thrity shades of ORANGE, now if you include WEB Optimized Orange there could be over fourty!

Yes there is a bit of an experience gap in language.

I use the word EXPERIENCE as this is what it is a PARADIGM. (paradigm ... an example of a conjugation or declension showing a word in all it's inflectional forms)

You say ORANGE I think Orange.

In instruction as on an Expedition Team, you want to get everyone on the same page IF you can, so they speak or intend the same meaning. It is critical to learning in a class and it may be critical to your exsistance if you are on Expedition!

There are several excersises for this, I am sure Bob supplied you with a few.

The concept is that YOU as an INSTRUCTOR are TEAM LEADER. Just as if you were on Expedition.

I my years, I now prefer Facilitator!

... but that is another story .....

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