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Lodging in Utah

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 I'm wondering where i should stay for my family's Christmas vacation to Utah this upcoming 09-10 winter. We would like a lodge becuz there are going to be 8 of us. 4 kids and 4 adults.

My son and I stayed in at the Comfort Inn at Sandy, Utah. We found this to be cheaper and more dinning options.

We really don't care all that much about Apres ski. We want to get a good rate and a easy access to the slopes.

We are planning on skiing a 3 or 4 resorts over a span of 6 days. Of course all of little cottonwood and a some B.C. and a little P.C. and Snow basin and maybe Pow mountain. Our 2 main options are Park City and the valley. (Sandy)

My main concern is how often the little cottonwood and big cottonwood canyon roads close. like how much snow does it take. Is it worth the price?  
                                     IS IT WORTH IT?????
                                    AND WHERE?????
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we normally go at the end of March, so road closing is not an issue.
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