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WTB: Powder skis

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Looking for my first set of powder skis.  My 9 year old K2 Axis Mod X with 70mm underfoot just don't cut it any more, and am looking for something more like 100mm underfoot.

I'm a fairly comfortable advanced skiier... the powder still confuses the hell out of me, but maybe that's cuz my skis just aren't made for it.  I probably need to update them, too, but they do pretty well overall on most other terrain.

Looking for off-season deals, hoping not to spend too much, but tell me whatcha got.

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watch sac and tram for good steals, lots the folks here are shop owners and offer great deals. for one, there are others too,.
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I just got a pair of Icelantic Shamans for $325 shipped (normally $650 w/o shipping) from Alta peruvian gift Shop.  Call Steve  Sapanas , Alta Peruvian Giftshop Manager tel:  801-742-3000 x 215 ; they are currently closing at 3pm mountain time during the off season.  They have several sizes and they also have some Icelantic Nomads as well I believe.

If you're not familiar with Icelantic the website is

and there are several review threads here such as

but if you just search the site for Icelantic Shaman or Nomad reviews you'll find them;  general consensus is short, fat, unusual graphics, very maneuverable (spelling ??) and on the whole very positive, but check it out for yourself.

I will post this as a PSA.
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Thanks @Finndog, I also am looking at this site, which seems to grab deals from several sites at once:

@TaosMath, thanks for the great tip.  Hell, if I had had my replies set to immediate instead of weekly digest (damn! fixed that!), I'd have been looking at that two days ago.  I have to step out so can't do the research right away, but thanks for the links to start me on my way....   although isn't LONGER better in the powder??? 

I'm also a little bit scared of 110 underfoot, since I'm moving off of 70s and although I'm a good skiier, I have to work at it and wonder if 110 will be impossible for me to turn when I have to navigate groomers getting to and fro the powder.  On the other hand, the sidecut looks pretty significant, so maybe not.  Just have to remember to spread my legs a little more for those phatties!  Wondering how stiff/damp and how heavy these are....  guess it's time to do my homework.  

Maybe they'll be too much ski for me, but I've generally found that that's how I learn the best - get something outrageously above my skill level and eek my way into it until I start to surprise myself at how good I've become...

Thanks for the heads-up.
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What length/ how much you weigh?

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Length of the Icelantic Shamans?  The good deal is on the 173 length.  The measurements on the ski are 160/110/130.

I'm a lightweight - around 150lb, which probably calls for a slightly more damp ski.  Not sure how stiff the Shamans are.....

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I am 5'10 /160 lbs level 8/9.  I spoke to Icelantic and they suggested I could go 161 or 173 but since I ski short, and ski more trees than Pow, I was told the  161 cm for the shaman would be fine for me for everything except mega dumps .  Their area is huge, so short is not a problem ( a 161 shaman has 5 -10% more area than a 177 Mantra) so I would think a 161 or 173 would be good for you too, but call up Icelantic if you're interested - they're very helpful. 

As an alternative, you might look into the Nomads - I have skied the 156 Nomads & loved them - amazingly nimble for a 110 mm underfoot  but I am such a gaper on Pow I got a bit of tip dive so I am going with the shaman to help with that (160 mm tip, plus boot center point is further back)  The Nomads are fairly stiff (they're ~ 12mm thick under foot) but I had no problem with them in bumps.

As for the 110 underfoot, until now my standard ski has been a head monster 73 and the Nomads (also 110m underfoot, despite what the spec says) are no problem.  Like I say call up Icelantic and talk it over with one of their guys.

Good luck on the hunt.
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I called Steve more than once and just got voicemail and no return call.  :-(  I didn't know if that means they're out or Steve doesn't want to be in the business of returning a bunch of calls.

Either way, I really appreciate your advice and pointers.  I think instead I might pick up a pair of K2 ObSETHed demos (used) at a local ski shop (found them for $350).  I like that those are fairly soft (good for lightweights like me). 

This is the first time I've shopped for skis in the off-season, and what I seem to have learned is that your best deals are at shops and *not* on the Internet (which is pretty much the opposite for most any other product).  Also, from some things I've been hearing, I'm starting to wonder if summertime isn't the *only* time for deals -- are there prices like I am seeing now during the winter?  Maybe right at the end of season?
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FWIW, I'm a 5' 11", 200 lbs. advanced/expert skier and get a lot of good use out of my Atomic Powder Plus 165cm, 130/110/120 in all but the deepest dumps. I ski the trees a lot so the length is a great plus. On the mega-dumps I pull out the Elan Quad Ones (M Series 1111) which are 184cm, 161/121/141 with a 21 m radius. I'm in love with both pairs.

The Atomics are old and generally unavailable (I own 3 pairs ) but they give you an idea of what a ski that size can support (a lot). You really only need long if you are going to ski 2000 vertical foot runs in 3 turns.

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Yikes - correction... the demos I found were Seth and not ObSETHed skis.  Bummer.  Found ObSETHed (179s) for ~$410 including tax, which I'm thinking might be a decent price, though.  If I decide against them in the future, what are the chances that I'll be able to unload them during the ski season for near what I bought them for?
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I've got a pair Bluehouse Districts, the first year model, 187, w/ Solly STH 916s.  Almost identical in shape and flex w a Goatama.  Very nice ski, ~5 days on them, bases near perfect.  Bamboo core, very snappy. Binders were new w/ skis.  They overlap the Goatamas I've got, otherwise I'd keep them.  325 plus shipping.
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You looking at twins only?

I have a pair of very lightly used in great shape K2 Apache Chief 167 cm, 98 mm waist. As you know the K2s measure short / ski long so they are more like a 175.They have Marker demo bindings so no re-drilling needed.   I weigh about 10 lbs more than you.

These were only used about 6 days last winter in Utah in knee to waist deep powder all week and that is it. The only reason I am replacing them is they aren't really suited for east coast skiing and I got something I can use here and out west.

Let me know if you are interested.
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Sorry, I should have closed this thread a while ago.  I ended up with a pair of ObSETHeds.  Thanks a million for the other offers!!!!
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Oh... never mind :-)
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