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Fitness Segment for Academy 2

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Although academy alumni will be getting a survey evaluating the entire event, I thought I'd throw this out to everyone, including potential particpants.
The fitness segment was, for the most part "show and tell". Although Tom was nice enough to bring over a few "toys", much of what I did was demonstration, as opposed to participatory.

This year, we had Epicski Academy vests and hats. It may be possible through some fitness wholesalers to get thera bands and stability balls {which can be deflated for packing}or even dyna discs at a discount, with the academy logo. If this were the case, you would get a chance to actually try out the exercises.

Keep in mind, some of them do not work well, in your ski clothes. I actually changed into fitness gear for the demo. But there are still some things that can be done.


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If I get the chance to attend the next Academy, I would surely not participate in those exercises. :
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perhaps one piece of equipment or two very simple ones would be good. Don't forget the time constraints here. Excercising before skiing is difficult for most since it's hard enough to get there on time. After skiing people are tired, need to eat, want to sit down and yap etc.. I think the Academy could benefit from being closer to the slopes. This would free up a good 1, 1-1/2 hours in the day. Also if we had a close central meeting place that could help.

Having said that I think it's a good idea to learn something that you can take with you. So whatever equipment is used should be pretty simple. Maybe something that you would actually take with you on vacation?
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In that case, the stability ball would win out, since its deflatable, and easily packed. It also offers the most versatility.

I totally agree about time constraints, which was why I tried to keep the warm up and apres ski stretch short, hopefully short enough. But I do agree that it would be awesome if we could have all the post ski activities closer to the mountain.
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Dyna discs are GREAT! If one of the presentations is a fitness demo, showing the use of things like balance balls and dyna discs, that's knowledge we can take with us. I think that my pre-season ski specific conditioning class with the "other Lisa" was great and really effective.

In other words, rather than exercise when we're about to ski or just finished, the fitness demo, imparting knowledge we can take home, would be great.

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The fitness programs that were emailed out to participants had a bunch of dyna disc and ball exercises. Hopefully nobody deleted the email. The dyscs are also pretty portable, and could probably be ordered inexpensively at a bulk rate.
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