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Eagle Point Resort/Condo Vail

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Is the Eagle Point resort located conveniently and is it a decent place to stay? 
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 Just checked it out on the map RIS, and you'd need to take a bus or shuttle to the lifts.  Most places like that have their own little shuttles, so that would be fine.  Vail has extensive free buses too.

No idea if it's a decent place to say, but I can't imagine it's not.  You'll be staying on the slopes plenty of the time and that's all that matters any ways!  Hard to get bored skiing Vail (unless you're one of the "Vail Sucks" types, and knowing you, Vail will NOT suck.  It has a lot of everything.
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Thanks SMJ! It looks nice on the web site. We're thinking about trading our week in Stowe for a week in Vail. The 35 F below zero in our week in January, and the 60 F above in March, is making us want to go somewhere else this year.

The 60 above was worse.
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Go for it!  January can be cold in Vail, but since it's dry the cold is much easier to deal with.

Time for a change! 
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I'm getting psyched. I love planning ski trips in the summer, it makes it go by faster. One of these years we'll head to South America in summer....
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Me too, I book our flight to Colorado in the Summer, reserve a car rental (much cheaper that way and you don't have to pay, I've reserved cars with two different companies, just to hold the price.)

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 SMJ, I think we're going to do it.  I'm hoping that after skiing Mighty Yawgoo we'll find something to keep us entertained at Vail and/or BC.  I believe we can basically trade weeks for a nominal fee.  We've loved our visits to UT but it's time to try CO.  I'm assuming you fly into Denver rather than Eagle?  And I assume you rent a car.  Was wondering if it was better to rent or just use public transportation?  And is there any real need for AWD?
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If you need to go grocery shopping a car is handy, however you could use CMEX vans door to door from the airport to the Hotel and use their shuttle and public buses to get around.  The supermarket is on the other side of I70 and although you can get there with a bus, dragging groceries to the bus stop and back is a pain.

Yes we fly into Denver these days.  Doing it so many years that now we'll only do a non-stop flight, and there are none to Eagle.  Non-stop means the weather only matters in two places instead of three.  We have usually rented outbacks or jeeps.  SUV's are very expensive.  Most times it hasn't mattered, but driving over Vail Pass can often be snowy.  The vans take that worry out if it, they all have chains and know how to drive in the snow.

BC is nice, but for one week I'd just stay at Vail, you won't even get a chance to ski it all in that much time, and getting to know your way around a bit makes it more fun.  It's like an adventure.  It's not up and down up and down - its up, over down, up, over, over down down, back there.  It's a vast expanse of terrain that can take a long time to get from one place to another.  Too bad you won't be there late February when we are!

Whatever anyone else here may say to you, Vail is incredible.  I know the kind of terrain you guys like and Vail has it and much more.  Things to really push your limits, things to really be in your comfort zone. 
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We stayed there last season, they have a shuttle to and from Lionshead.  The unit itself was OK, and its on our list of places to watch prices at for next winter.  As far as location, it is easier if you have a car there since the town of Vail bus is a decent walk away.  If I remember correctly they do run a shuttle over to the market at least twice during the week.
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 We went ahead and made the exchange so Vail here we come.  We are seeing a season pass deal for $599 with no restrictions.  Good at all of the Vail owned resorts.  We're tempted to go for it and try to do a second trip in March.  Realistically, can we get a 6 day lift ticket at Vail for much less than $500?  I'm thinking we'd only be exposing ourselves to a $100 (each)  or so of risk (assuming we ski 6 days at Vail in January) and if we do a second trip we could potentially save several hundred dollars.  It would also be a strong motivation to do a second trip.
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I forget what the price is for a 6 day pass,  but it would be a little less then that.  However that's a great deal as you say if you ski more.

We ordered them, of course we're there for 2 weeks so it's a no-brainer.  2 trips out west is awesome, that's what i used to do until I got the 2 week timeshare.  2 weeks in a row is really great, but going out twice is also fantastic.

What can I say - go for it (it's not my money!)

Keep this under your hat, but I'm hoping to go out in November and do some training for my Level II, and I'll ski for free now.  Wait a minute, I just realized this is a public website!  Damn, the secret's out! 
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I'd go for it, last year we had Colorado Passes and ran out of days at Vail/BC, needless to say we have Epic passes this year adn are planning either two weeks straight or two trips - depends on what deals are out there.

I would suggest trying one day over at BC, different feel but still some great skiing.
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Thanks for your input meff! We're going to rent a car. Just in case anyone is planning a trip, RISkier and I just got flights for $225 each round trip from Providence to Denver, including taxes, flying in January. We'll have to pay for luggage, I'm sure, since we'll be bringing skis. But man, I didn't think you could get flights that cheap anymore!

Come on winter.

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