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Watea 84 vs. Nordica Supercharger Ignition.

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I managed to hold out for the rest of last season with a blown out edge on my Nordica Nitrous. Now in the summer months with ski's as cheap as they are going to be I've narrowed down my options for a new ski. I'm 5'11 220 lb. I'm pretty agressive down the hill at times, but I also like spending time in the tree's. I'm not a park skier, though I have been teaching myself how to ski switch.

The Watea is a raved about ski on this forum and for good reason. My cousin who is slightly taller then I am, but the same weight told me he loves this ski (coming from Volkl Karma) but wishes they were longer.
Length: 184cm
Sidecut: 126-84-112
Turn Radius: 20m

I loved my Nitrous and was very happy with Nordica. The Ignitions are said to be fairly soft in the tips (like if I understand correctly the Watea are) but are geared towards "larger or Length: 177 cm
Radius: 18.0m

Someone locally has brand new Ignitions for 150, but I'm going to try and snipe them for 100. I feel like with that price, the difference between the Watea and the Ignition will be overcome by dirty cheap price. However, I was wondering if anyone had any input on the matter before I pull the trigger. Brand new Watea are roughly 300 shipped.

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I wrote a review on the Ignition a couple years ago.  Its a competent, fun ski.  I don't know how it skis compared to the Watea.  I would hesitate to go 177cm on it at your size.  I was pushing the limits at that size at 180# and that was on lighter snow & powder.  The review is at:

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I have seen other nordica skis come apart with not that much use.  Take it back if you bought it new for the 08'-09' season.  If it is older, try making a repair. 

I have the watea84 and it is a very well constructed ski.  I have 2 seasons on it and it looks and performs like new.  I got the 176cm which is good for both cruising and also the bumps.  It is also very light for its size, so weight is not an issue.

Good luck!

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BTY, the watea78 is also a popular model.

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    I've been told that the Ignitions were a beast of a ski. That you had to be in top shape or heavy/aggressive to really see their full potential. A few instructors / skiing mag is where i'm getting this from. You believe i'll be too much for the ski? If you could explain a little more that would be great.

     I really wanted to get the 176 watea for the longest time. Then everyone I talked to said at my size I'd just be too much for that ski. I've really grown to love tree skiing though and i'm afraid the 186 is going to be a monster. The longest ski i've been on is a 170.

All help and comments are appreciated and welcomed. Thanks alot guys.
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I am 5'10 and 155# and have no trouble with the 176.  It's construction makes it very light, yet strong and skis quite easily.  You can get over them and make short quick turns or get against them and make long ripping turns.  Because of it's turned up tail, it skis shorter than than a square tail ski.



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bsummit -

The Ignition is has a moderate flex with a stiff torsional flex.  It is a very well-behaved, forgiving ski.  I'm not sure where they came up with the idea it is a beast of the ski though it does remind me of a skinner version of the original Nordica Beasts.  I never really reached an upper speed limit on them but I have felt I've approached it a couple times.  Given that you weigh 40 pounds more and ski harder snow you'd probably find the limit.  Another issue is their moderate flex makes them so-so in heavier powder and mediocre in heavy, chopped crud.  They'd probably feel like noodles at your size in eastern heavy crud.
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You were right on the money with your thoughts of this ski. I still picked them up, brand new with purchase stickers still on them for 40 bucks. I figure I may try them, but I know they are too soft for me. They aren't drilled at all right now for any binding, but like i said, for 40 bucks I may just try them out. Thanks a lot.
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They'll be good in the woods and soft snow.
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So it turns out they are the Nordica Olympia Ignition. I'm going to sell them to my sister. Now I'm back to no ski's. Like I said I'm 5'10 220 lb. I'm a college student so I'm trying to stay cheap. I was looking into a used pair of Volkl AC 30 for everyday use and then maybe an Icelantic Pilgrim or Blizzard Titan Cronus, Watea 90 / 100 for fresh / tree skiing. Any thoughts?
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