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What a result for US football!

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Wow, I couldn't believe my eyes last night. Surprised no one has posted about it yet.

USA beat Spain 2-0 in the Confederation Cup. They are now through to the final.

OK, so the Confederation Cup isn't the World Cup, but it's the next best thing. Spain are one of the best teams in the world, and they fielded their star players.
USA defended excellently. Howard did a great job in goal when the Spanish got their shots in, but they rarely got past the back line. And then two great goals - perhaps they were a bit against the run of play, but they were well deserved.

The final will be against South Africa (also outsiders, but they have home advantage) or Brazil - that semi is tonight.

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People in the U.S. don't follow soccer, as a rule. To them football is NFL.

It's a paradox, because youth soccer in the U.S. is huge, second only to youth baseball I believe.

If they win the series the victory *should* bring a higher profile to the sport here in the U.S. 
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I'm following it somewhat, but then WTFH knows I follow euro soccer some.  I lost interest when the US got STOMPED by Brazil and Italy last week.  I'll still don a USA NT Jersey out around the neighborhood with pride. 
Bottom left one is USA from a few years ago.  I'll get a new one if they make the final four WC 2010:

Most of my neighbors are from Mexico and other LATAM nations.  I put out a flag and sport a jersey when one of my teams plays one of theirs.
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Congratulations to the American team! Spain has been pretty dominate lately, so to beat them in a competitive match is a great accomplishment.

Although, it is just the Confederation Cup. The United States have had similar success in the past. In 1999, they beat Germany and finished 3rd.

Unlike the World Cup, or Euro Championships, the confed cup has always struck me more as an exhibition than a serious competition. I mean Mexico has won the thing, and heavyweights like Australia and Japan have been finalists.

Still, beating Spain in any competition means serious bragging rights. Best of luck to the Americans next summer!
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Looks like they have to play Brazil (Brasil) again tomorrow for the title game.  That would be the upset of the century!  I think it is on ESPN 2 at 2pm Eastern.  My PVR is set
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Bump, moved up to regular ESPN and starting now. 
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OK, that was a respectible effort on the part of a fledgling US team. 2nd place is way better thn anyone expected.   Every year I think," Landon Donovan again?  That guy should have retired a long time ago".  But, every year after seeing his effort and performance I think "Man, that old dude can still really play!"

I didn't see the second half, but regardles, hats off to the best of the best frin Brazil.
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Donovan isn't old! He has just been on the national team for ever.
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I didn't see the Spain game but I recall seeing a quick shot of Torres on the news looking a lot like this:

I love Torres when he's playing for the Reds, but I don't look forward to seeing him again in NT matches, US or England.
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