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Looking for ski gypsy

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Looking for a ski gypsy to tour various ski resorts for one month with me in 2010.!


I am a ski gypsy who has skied for +50 years. Expert level skier who does not need to prove competency level to anyone, thus is an all-day cruiser, mellow skier! Loves skiing so much it is near neurosis.

I am first on lift and last off trails.

Will travel in March to most ski resorts in Northeast USA, thus need partner who skis well who is ,fit and can discuss skiing matters on lift and keeps cell phone at home (or at least in car)! We will not discuss; religion, politics, the economy and social norms!

Will share all costs such as gas, room etc,,,

If you are free spirited and just want to ski for one month with no set agenda or plans,,then try to be a ski gypsy with me! I have car, Thule and 20 pairs of skis!


There must be someone who is a ski fanatic like me on this site!



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Sorry, you lost me at "all-day cruiser".

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Not sure of your reply!

Is the term "all day cruiser", incorrect?

What I meant is that I ski all day with 30 minute break for lunch on hill or at top!


In short,,I rarel;y stop  on slopes to talk about view, ski conditions, ski conditions, etc,,, I ski!

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Can't help but laugh and comment.


iWill clearly sees your post as implying that you just like cruising groomers in a mellow way, and that is below him.


I'd say his feeling a need to post that proves that he doesn't fit the category of someone with "nothing to prove." 

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You are so "perceptive" and correct! Thank you.
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