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Help Me Justify My Purchase!

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Okay, so now I'm feeling the buyer's remorse after I just picked up a pair of Atomic Heli-Daddy's off ebay.  I'm worried they may be too long -- 190 cm.  I'm 6'4", 205# 51 y/o and skied 45 days last season in the NW, Tahoe and Canada.  I was looking for a true powder ski as we've had so many days the last couple years of 6 - 12 " of nice pow and I didn't have a great ski for it. 


Anyway I've demo'd the Sugar Daddy in a 183 and really liked them, although I didn't get'em out in the pow.  My "normal" skis are Atomic Crimsons in 183.  I believe the Heli-Daddy is roughly the same as the SD with a flat tail -- same dimensions.  Do you think I'll be okay on the 190s and did I get a good deal for a new in the wrapper pair with Rossy Scratch 110 WB bindings for less than $250 delivered?  I don't know anything about these bindings...are they any good?


I'm feeling bad because I've got 4 pairs of Atomics and I give me wife a hard time about all she has in her quiver...and I still need to buy new skis for the kids this summer!

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Okay, hopefully you'll get some more knowledgable responses, but since this has been sitting here for quite a few hours I'll bump it by putting in my $.02


The length shouldn't be a problem for a pow ski for a big guy.  I'm sure there are lots of peeps out there thinking 190 is too short for you.


If you like the ski, sounds like a killer deal to me.


The binding might be fine for you but since you're planning on getting new gear for the kids this summer you might consider getting something burlier for yourself and using those for one of the kids.  I'm thinking the 3.5-11 DIN might be more appropriate for one of them than for you.  Of course I don't know your kids so I could be very wrong.

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I'm 5' 9" and 170 pounds (up from 140 in my prime skiing days). I'd prefer a 190 to a 183 in a Powder ski, except maybe in really tight trees.  In fact, I used to not own anything shorter than 190 in the straight ski days.  The only reason my current long boards are in the 186 and 183 area is because I got screaming deals on that length while I was looking for something longer.  If  I had need for any powder ski, much less another one I'd be all over that deal you got.

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Thanks, guys. 


Yes, bumpfreaq, I was a bit worried that the bindings might be a bit "undersized" for me although the charts only put my DIN at 8, even if I lie a couple years about my age...with a big boot (345 mm) the DIN settings end up being lighter than you'd expect.


My kids are still young (6 & 8), but I hadn't thought about keeping the binding for one of them.  My oldest will be 9 in Dec, so it might be right for her.


I did a bit more research late last night and I know the HD was made specifically for CMH.  There aren't a lot of reviews of it, but I think it's a bit softer than the SD and it is lighter, so a 190 is probably a good length.  The next shorter size is a 180 and I would think that would be too short.


For 250 I can't complain and if I don't like them, I can always sell or trade them here, right?


Enjoy your summer!

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Originally Posted by bazooka View Post

...  I'm worried they may be too long -- 190 cm.  I'm 6'4", 205# 51 y/o and skied 45 days last season ...

Stop worrying. You're a big guy who skis a lot, exactly the person they make 190s for.
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perfect! Now lean them up against the wall or some place where you can drool over them until the flakes fly.... Good job. nothing like a pair of new ski for the summer stoke.....
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Bazooka, I hope you're following Finndog's advice w/r/t the skis.

W/r/t the bindings, I agree with Bumpfreaq.  If your daughter is a purely recreational skier (not a serious racer, etc.) and is still in boots that are less than MOD 22 or 23 (I forget which--someone participating in this thread will know), my understanding is that you should continue to use a kid-specific binding for her.  You can confirm this at your local shop. 

Save the Rossi Scratch (Axium, I think) bindings for your daughter's next pair of skis, or put them on a new pair of skis for your wife.  Consider getting bindings that are at least 12 DIN for yourself.  The Rossignol Axial2 (or SAS2, or Look PX12, or Dynastar PX12) bindings (with appropriately wide brakes) are as good a choice as any.  IMHO there seem to be noticable steps up in terms of durability when you go from a DIN 10/11 binding to a DIN 12 binding (especially the "Ti" versions, which seem to have more metal in their construction).  Given your size/weight/ability, the added durability may make a difference.

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Thanks, STE.  Bindings and Skis are in transit, so I don't have them yet, but I'll likely find another binding to put on them.  I'll see if I can find a Look/Dynastar/Rossi PX 12 Ti  or equivalent.  I've got to head up to Government Camp in the next couple weeks and I know where the summer shops for Rossignol and Atomic are.  Maybe I can score a good deal on some bindings.  I've always been an Atomic guy and they are Atomic skis, so maybe I'll pick up a pair of XTO 412s, if I can get a good deal...

As for the Scratch's, maybe I can work a trade.  My daughter is still in a junior boot, so they wouldn't work for her this year anyway...and as for my wife, she skis me under the table, so she's got her own bindings!  She's skied off the top of Mt. Hood, St. Helens, and Adams in the recent past and I know my limitations...

Anyway, I'll be loooking for my own good deal...

Thanks for all the input...and you did help me justify my purchase!
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Just an update.  Picked up the HDs today mounted with Marker 12.0 Free bindings that i found for $100.  Incredibly light ski+binding.  Can't wait for the snow to fly!
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Sweet score on fat skis/bindings for $100...even it they did come with Markers :D

If you do find them a little long and unwieldy for yourself, you can always rocker-ize the tips as a summer project.
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