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Andy Campbell's "Die Living 13" Apparrel is here!

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As part of the effort to keep Andy doing his thing as the mayor of Gnarnia, I've been working hard with several mags, Andy and Theshirtprinter.com to put together a clothing line for all of you who want to show your support and own some sweet clothing too. Below you will find the link to the online order form, and there are a few things that you should know...


First and foremost: ANDY GETS ALL PROFITS FROM THESE SHIRTS!!!!!! I don't make a penny, that would just be bad karma. Even the shirt printer has bent over backwards and given us phenomenal deals (we should be getting shitty rag shirts and two-color printing for what this is costing!) to maximize Andy's benefit.

ALL these garments are the best materials possible. T-shirts, hoodies and long sleeves are BOMBER- heavy/thick blends, all preshrunk with heavy stitching and with the best five-step screen printing techniques. I assure you, no expense has been spared in making sure that the color saturation, fades and materials are the best they can be. The lettering looks legit rusty in person, it's so cool! There's clearly reds, oranges and yellows faded throughout and it's all over a white underlay for strong, bright colors- the shirt guys did a fantastic job with emphasis on durability. I made damn sure they would hold up to the abuse the mags would inevitably dish out. I've washed mine about ten times and it hasn't shrunk, faded or begun to decay whatsoever. I'm sure Pat will chime in on how kick ass his is at some point. Below are a few pics of the shirt. (please don't mind the hideous freakshow in the pics) The close up of the shirt was the best I could manage- inside= too much flash, outside= just ok, but still does the color contrast no justice.  At the top of the back of the shirt, the desgn is the PMGear logo and "TheAndyCampbell.com" is right under it in case you were wondering. 


FREE SHIPPING IS INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE PRICE! We wanted to avoid the "ticketmaster scenario" in telling you the shirt is $25, then whacking you with delivery charges... Not cool. The purchase price will get it to your door. I'm not sure about you canuckistanians, but I will ask just to be sure.

Ordering process: In an attempt to raise the most money possible for Andy, the shirt printer has put forth the following program: This online order form will stay open for two weeks, allowing everyone who wants something to order it and accumulating an overall production count during this timeframe. At the end of this time they will tally all orders, do a production run and deliver all shirts as ordered. This is happening for a good reason: The more shirts we sell in each production run, the better a deal Andy gets on them (cheaper in bulk) and therefore he gets a better profit percentage. As it stands, if we only sold a hundred shirts Andy would get approx $10 per shirt but I know we can do waaaaaay better than that. After the initial production run, there will still be the opportunity to buy them, but I urge people to by now as it will benefit Andy the most. This is really the only reason to do it this way, I know you want your shirts now but believe me: the wait is well worth it.  Also, upon ordering, your printable confirmation has Eric's (the t-shirt guy) contact information- send him an email if your billing address is different from your shipping address, need tall sizing, or have any questions- he' a real pro and I have an immense amount of confidence in his abilities and professionalism. 

That's pretty much it! So buy one of each for yourself (I am!). Buy them as gifts for others. Hell, buy multiple as backups for when they do someday self-destruct. Please feel free to distribute the order form link to any & all people that you feel would be interested- I'm working soooo hard to try and get this as far out there as I can to reach the biggest group humanly possible- so send it around the office. Myspace, Facebook and Twitter it if you have the time. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to spread the word, it's appreciated more than you could know! Most of all, buy them to keep this guy in the air and in the mountains...

Special thanks to Splat, Soho, Eric at Theshirtprinter.com, and all the other mags who have worked hard on the sticker and donation projects in the past. You guys rock

To anyone who may want "Die Living 13" stickers, 'Making a Pizza' (on TGR) says "I still have quite a few die living stickers hanging around, if you wanted to order some all you have to do is donate to the andyfund paypal account (sales@pmgear.com) then PM me your address for mailing." so don't forget about those, either.  (To Epic users, if you want stickers, PM me- I'm sure we can figure something out.)




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This is pretty cool.  Where's the on line order form?  I think I missed the link.  

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"ANDY" ?


must be from that "other" forum......

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

"ANDY" ?


must be from that "other" forum......


Actually Smash, he posted a bit here before you joined, then he dropped off..


This was an awesome thread


Check it out.

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Thanks guys, I added the link to the order form and also a link to Andy's site just under the heading because Rossi's post made me realize that not everyone knows about him and his story.  


For those who don't know, (hugely shrunken down synopsis here...) Andy is an Iraq war veteran and outdoorsman extraordinaire that was paralysed in '04 in a climbing accident.  Rather than let this stop him, he has pretty much become a poster child for adaptive sports and generally not letting a damn thing stop him from doing what he loves.  We're talking mountain biking, scuba diving, paragliding and sitskiing- the latter of which is when I took particular notice- he became sponsored a while back by PMGear and has been in competitive sitskiing regularly.  The guy kicks serious ass.  Enter the disaster: Last year's X-Games ans Andy is at the qualifying rounds and the unthinkable happens.  His specially made BROhemoth 192s were stolen with no time to get a replacement.  Drop out you say???  Hell no.  He gets himself a 155cm fellow female's ski (that was the only one usable with his mounting bracketry) and goes after it.  A crash ensues in which his femur is broken (and they found an "old" broken neck he never knew about as well) as well as damage to his head, back and his rig.  The mags over on TGR immediately started putting together donation programs to help- at first, it was just cash/paypal/internal organ (jk) donations, then a sticker buy, and now a clothing line to help him get back on his feet and doing his thing.  


Even if you don't want a shirt, check out his site and read for a while- it's pretty inspiring stuff!  I know this is more of a TGR thing but I know my bears- I'm sure more than a few would be proud to be a part of his story.  So please pass this on to any friends or colleagues that you think would be interested in owning a badass piece of clothing AND helping a cool guy out at the same time.  I know I wear mine with pride.


Thanks for your time and please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.      






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For those who don't know....

Sitskiandy was the influence for our adaptive forum section, because his influence had encouraged a lot of questions from folks looking for info on gear and instruction.


He has been an inspiration on this forum even though he no longer posts here.


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Thanks for the head's up.

Order placed.

The hoodies are looking really sweet too.
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Thanks Tyrone!  Keep up the great work! 
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Just ordered a couple shirts, this is a great cause! Share the stoke.
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Thank you Finn, your patronage is appreciated more than you could know!  ANY OTHER BEARS WANNA GET DOWN WITH A GREAT CAUSE AND GET A SWEET SHIRT TOO???  Step right up!!! 
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 Ordered a few days ago.  I have a neighbor who is in a wheel chair.  He builds race cars, and has a zest for life.  I got one for him too!
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Order placed.  You're right, I'm proud to be part of his story!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

 Ordered a few days ago.  I have a neighbor who is in a wheel chair.  He builds race cars, and has a zest for life.  I got one for him too!

That's the nicest thing I've heard all week.  You're tuggin' on mah heartstrings, TC!   
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 Got the shirts yesterday.  These are really nice quality, though Black's not my color, I'll wear it with pride.
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Got my shirts!  folks, they are very cool! The design is awesome  and the quality of the shirt is excellent. the Silkscreen is also excellent; well done and heavy duty. You feel good wearing these!
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Yeah they came out great for sure!  Thanks for participating guys, you have certainly earned my admiration! 
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