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Legend 8k flat's

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Hi ,how is everyone's summer going..? I would like some advice on a binding for my Legends (HAPPY FATHERS DAY) .I've received a nice gift cert @ the local ski shop ,which is recommending a NEOX .I was thinking more along the line of a Mojo 11 .I am 42 ,160 -165 lbs 5'4" intermediate 5 or 6sh level maybe ,and I like to clean my boots off on my bindings .I'm not into moguls but will dabble if conditions are wright and my low back and knee's are not hurting .No hurry ,I'm just looking for some of the great input available here. Are the features and durability of the Neox worth the extra money ?

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Neox = heavy.  Look PX12 mounted on the Dynastar still doubles the warranty on the Dynastars I believe.  PX12 will meet your needs.

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Neox would be last on my list of preferred bindings. Can't say too much about the PX12's, I have a pair of the PX14's on my Dynastar Contact 4x4's, but haven't had them long enough to form an opinion. Head/ Tyrolia Mojo bindings are some of the best in the business, but if using the PX12 does increase your warranty, I'd probably go with them.

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No brainer - PX12 - best elasticity on the market. The fact that it doubles the warranty is only a bonus on having a great binding protecting you.

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