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Freeskiing camp

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I wanted to start attending a freeskiing camp and I was wondering if you guys knew of any good ones i should attend. I looked at Windells and a little bit at momentum and i was wonder what you guys thought.

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Summer camp?  Or regular season?  I know there are several good free skiing programs out there.  I will recommend the Steep & Deep camp at JH, because I know the most about it.  There are other good programs. 

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Thanks. I was thinking about going in the summer

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I thinks there are programs on Mt Hood.  Maybe not free skiing specifically, but race training is useful for skiing big mountains.  Being comfortable with speed and able to visualize a line and turn on demand are great skills for free skiing.  Good Luck.  I hope you find the right program and have a blast with it. 

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I think fatherb is talking aboth this type of freeskiing. Father, get thee to where people will know what these camps are and where existing threads may already discuss these camps. Epic tends to be more traverse-centered, not really as much into freeskiing, but maybe after a few drinks over lunch, then maybe a little free...

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Thanks everybody

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Mount Hood does have a program that looks like it runs all summer long.  I have been trying to get a friend of mine to join me for a mogul camp out there for the past month.  Their prices seem pretty reasonable and all the people I have talked to have been very happy with their time there.

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You can joing this


in Chile


Also, is running an ESA camp in valle nevado. Not sure if it is freeskiing camp though. 

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