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Smugglers Notch VT Water Park

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How fun is Smugglers Notch Water Park for a 7 yr old, a 5 yr old and a 41 yr old kid.  I can't find very much online about people's opinions who have actually been there.  I was thinking of taking the family for a couple days.


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Hellooo Uncle Joe! Karen from the Smugglers' PR office here. I'm actually surprised that no one has replied to your query yet because our guests LOVE the pools and waterslides. Are you on Facebook? I would suggest that you visit the Resort's Facebook page and ask your question/s and I'd bet you'll get an answer pretty quickly. If you're a Facebook user, you can visit the page at


I just met a group of kids today who were anxious to stop talking to me (!) so they could head off to the Giant Rapid River Ride at our Mountainside Pool. That's the open waterslide that you ride down on a tube. Each of the three pool/waterslide facilities offers something different yet always fun. Since your kids are young, I might mention the height requirements: Flume Slide, 42", Giant Rapid River Ride, 48", and Twister Slide, 42". At Mountainside, there's also a Turtle minislide with no height requirement, and the gradual entry Lagoon with a cave that kids can float through on innertubes is also great. You've most likely visited our pools web page; if not, the link is You'll find a pool cam there to watch the action.


Hope this helps you out -- best wishes!

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Uncle Joe,


It's a water park--the essence of fun for the whole family! The other thing to know is no organization outside of Disney delights kids as well as Smuggs.

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Well said :)


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any updates to this thread? thinking about bringing the kiddies here for a few days
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If you are in the area and a water park is what you seek, I'd check out Bromont up in Canada. Or one of the many natural waterparks in the area (aka swimming holes).
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We've been to Smuggs for many many years -- both winter and summer. Our next trip is in two weeks. Our kids have always attended the day camps and always came away with positive experiences. This year, they are just old enough so that they want to stay with us to do things as a family. Perhaps some hiking and rowing, and definitely some riding.

They have also enjoyed the water parks. There are two main ones: the one by the village and one half way up the village condos (called Notchville Park). While they are clean, not crowded, friendly and run well, they are very small. If you're expecting an amusement park experience (huge with lots of slides), you will be very disappointed. There are at least 5 water slides throughout (including 1 tiny and 1 big in the Mountain Side area, 1 semi small one by the main pool and one chute at Notchville). In the middle of the week, they may have a giant inflatable one at the Rum Runners pond. Expect to do some hiking if you're away from the main village area.

Just to add, the Smuggs/Stowe area has much more to offer than just waterslides. Many many natural and semi-natural attractions. I suggest either keep returning each year or go back at least once when the kids reach say 10/11 yo.
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much obliged for the info
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