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Feeler: Wanted to rent basement suite or similar North Tahoe winter 09/10

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No longer a feeler.


Mature responsible professional Male Brit looking at a season or part season let or houseshare, Tahoe City, Truckee, Donner Summit, Kingsbeach, Sunnyside type areas.  Doesn't have to be deluxe just reasonably affordable.  Are there any caretaker gigs in skishare houses in the area? 


Am I correct that most skishares don't allow live-ins?


Sociable but not a hard partier and wouldn't be packing the place with hordes of sofasurfing mates and much as I'd love it not to be the case my days of picking up girls in niteclubs with my own special "frog in a blender" style of seductive dancing are well past.


As I said a feeler as if I was certain I'd let a 2 bedroom say from a realtor and find a well screened flatmate.


Can probably drum up some impeccable references from important Irishmen on this site if necessary.

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 Hello, We may possibly be renting a studio apt. located on the lower level of our home in Truckee. It is a single bedroom, with it's own kitchen, bathroom, dining nook, and living area w/ television. It has it's own entry, deck, windows, and is quite darling. Many downhill steps to access it, as it is a sloped lot. No garage space available. How often are you expecting to be in the Tahoe region throughout the winter? Intermittantly, or consistantly all winter? 
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Sorry not checked back in a week or so - your studio sounds like it would fit the bill perfectly.  I'd be looking at full time for the time I was there but not full season as likely scenario is a 2 to 3 month sabbatical from work in UK (but maybe a trip to Utah thrown in to the timing). If you'd like to talk to assess if I was a suitable tennant pm me & I can call.

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Bump for the post Labor Day ski thinking folks!

Now less of a feeler and more ready to commit though still need to sort out timing.
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 Are you going to come to town for a "reconnaisance" apt. search? If so, it would be great to meet in person. Our place does not offer garage space, but is plenty spacious otherwise, especially for one. We are considering around $900 monthly, (US D.)  which will include your utilities. We are only a little over 1 mile from downtown Truckee, overlooking the Truckee River. When and if it storms huge, you can still XC ski to town, which is cool. Thank you
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Some skis leases might allow a full time person, particularly if you are a good cook, like to shovel snow, agree to travel away a few busy weekend, are only doing part of a season, or offer to show them around the Alps if they ever make it over there.  From what I can tell, each ski lease group makes up its own rules, so it is worth contacting some and pleading your case if you would prefer a group home on the weekends.  For Tahoe ski leases, you could take a look at craigslist and/or snowpals.org- which is a San Francisco Bay area ski/social club. 

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Thanks folks for the replies. I'm actually travelling at the moment but will have more time to get back to you next week if that's ok.

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  Howdy, 2 months or there abouts works great. I am thinking 15 Jan. on, into March/April if this suit you. Holidays are insane here, crazy busy until mid-Jan. ~I will fire photos soon, we are off to the US East Coast/Atlantic tomorrow, I will send shots in Oct. Cheers, Aimee
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Bump for greater proximity to D day.  Any other leads welcome in case Aimee doesn't work out- reliable roomate or tenant, contacts in the Alps for the local tour or mate's rate appartment rent in Chamonix etc.

In case the "mature" is not a selling point let's clarify - not a wet behind the ears college kid but not yet fitted for a colostomy bag. 



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 Hi Bob, We have a studio below our home. We are looking for $950 that includes all utilities, high speed internet, cable all channels, access to all Tahoe Donner amenities, (Hot tubs, Gym, steam rooms, ect) Plow service payed, undercover parking is included, so no shoveling. It's fully furninshed and outfitted with dishes, pots, bed and the like. Need sheets, has towels. Esay access for rt 80 takes you to all roads that lead to Squaw/Alpine, Sugar, NorthStar. And full time is fine.
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Hi BigSki - studio sounds decent could you pm me some pictures?

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No problem Bob, I have to figure out how to tho. So give me a couple of hours. Yes, I'm a little illiterate when it comes to these things. I am uploading some right now. Also of the driveway.
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Friday bump
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Still looking, unfortunately Aimee didn't work out on timing and I've decided I'm probably more into the idea of room in a shared house.  So if anyone has any leads I'd be grateful.  Prospective rent 3 months from weekend after Xmas or Jan 1st.
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