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Boot Grinding Tool

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I'm looking for a new boot grinding tool for the inside of the shell.

I've heard that Dremmel tools really don't do a very good job.

Can anyone, especially the Boot Guys, recommend tools

which do a good job.

Prices and/or web sites would be appreciated.






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in the USA you guys tend to use foredom grinders which are available from sun valley ski tools (and probably a few other places too), over here in the UK /Europe then Suhner is the weapon of choice...the suhner runs at about £500 and has no foot control, but it is the thing that most of the world cup techs use, i have no idea what price the Foredom is , but i think it wasa little less than the suhner. Grind heads will run you $50 upwards for 1" diameter


are you working for a shop, or is this for personal use....they aren't cheap bits of kit if it is for personal use.  


good luck



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pdf. page 9

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Originally Posted by jonrpen View Post





pdf. page 9

thats the other company i couln't think of


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I use one of these in my drill press...




With a bit like this...





Less than 50 bux.......

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