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cold feet

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My feet sweat. I've decided for next year I'm going to go against the conventional wisdom and wear a liner sock. I'll carry a second liner sock with me and change liners at lunch. Will I do best with a PolyPro liner under wool ski socks to let the ski sock wick out the moisture or should I use a wool liner sock that I know will be wet at lunch under a synthetic ski sock that will wick moisture away from the wool liner sock?

I use antiperspirant but it's hard on the feet at the level needed to prevent wet socks.


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Only place I used a liner was teaching in Fairbanks, AK, long long LONG ago.  Worked in a shop their during the week.  The wisdom then and there said a silk or synthetic liner under a ski sock. 


Worked in some very cold weather, but cold may have changed since then.

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if you can get a liner sock and a ski sock in the boot then there is a little available volume, try a single mid weight wool ski sock and change this at lunch.... wool will suck the moisture away from a cold foot where as the synthetic sock requires heat to wick the moisture away, if there is no heat then the moisture will sit on the synthetic fibre next to the skin and the feet will remain cold

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