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Fischer RX 8 Pro ??

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Thread Starter is starting to display the 2010 skis, They are showing an RX 8 Pro in the Fischer RX line, I've not seen any reference to this ski, is it a scaled down RC? Price is about 1/2 of the 2010 RC skis

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I'm going to bump this thread up, I found a pic on Ebay but I've seen nothing on Fischer's site nor any other reference to these skis anywhere except, any ideas on the specs and why it has almost no mention anywhere?


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its a completely different ski from the RC...the RC is essentially a Worldcup GS race ski with a non FIS legal sidecut...vertical sidewalls, two pretty thick layers of metal, etc...high speed, expert level ski for beer league racing or general hauling a$$ on hard snow.  The RX Pro is an all mtn ski made for a variety of speeds and turn shapes, some bumps, trees, etc...its MUCH more versatile.  The RX 8 has been in the Fischer line for more than 5 years...the 0910 "Pro" is the same construction its always been, woodcore, two layers of titanal (but not full, edge to edge sheets) except it now comes with a different plate...older versions used to come with Railflex...but they also used to be $899  vs this generation around $599.  Basically its a ski that still has a cult following, used to be a cash cow, and while its not a part of the normal fischer line up, rather than putit out to pasture they've kept it around unchanged (except for the plate) and are offering it at a nice price.
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Do you happen to know the specs on this ski? Is it still a 66 waist?


I see that Fischer still has the RX8 Fire, selling for $349 with bindings so I'm guessing they have scaled down the Fire model to something more like the old RX6?


I've had a pair of RX8's in the quiver for a few years and while I wouldn't consider them a great all mountain ski, they are certainly a lot of fun to ski.. and as you said, more versatile than the RC..

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pretty sure its a 65mm waist and has been.  RX8Fire is the same ski as the RX8, and same ski as the RX8 Pro...only difference on the pro is the plate.  Those RX8 Fires at $349 are probably 50% off...pretty sure they were $699 this past year. 
They aren't my idea of a "great all mountain" ski either...waaay to skinny for my tastes even in the east...but there are a bunch of people out there who still ask for them and a whole herd of folks still skiing on stuff narrower than 70mm.  I lumped them into all mountain...big catch all term, guess I should have called them an all mountain carving ski.  Similar ski to the volkl 5star. 
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On the raceskis/ski-depot web site, I see:

- The (2009) RF version fo the RX8 from last year for $449.


- The 2010 RX8 Pro with FS11 binding for $629


- The Black 2010 RX8 with FS10 binding for $399, and finally


- The Red 2010 RX8 with FS10 binding for $299.


The last two look to be the same exact ski/plate/binding in a different color.  So, black is worth more then red?


- The 2010 RX8 Pro ski must be closer to the the 2009/08/07 RF version fo the RX8 Ski with a non RF plate, thus significant price increase?

The Fischer web site does not have the RX8 Pro or RX8 fires listed from what I can see.

I'm thinking of getting the Red RX8 Fire for my 14 y/o daughter as a nice all mountain carver.  But, I can not find any info on that ski.

My 16 y/o daughter has been on the 06/07 RX8 with RF for a couple of years.  That's been a great all mountain carver for her.

So, is the red RX8 fire really the same ski as the older RX8 RF?

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I'll answer my own questions in case anybody was interested.

Previous years RX8 RF and this years RX8 Pro - same dim, the pro is slightly tuned down (less metal) and different plate.  This was all made clear above by others.

The black/red 2010 RX8 Fire is a different ski.  For example, the 155cm version has the following dims:

Tip = 114
W  = 70
Tail = 100, R = 13

vs the 2009 RF and 2010 RX8 Pro which are (in the same 155cm size):

Tip = 116
W  = 65
Tail = 98, R = 11

The price for the red/black is the same - the web page has a typo - and that price is $399.




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I demo'd these skis a couple weeks ago at Gunstock and I loved them.  Very lively ski and very easy to turn, just ridiculously   Almost pulled the trigger on a pair, (they were $520 on the mountain, but found them online for $470) but got a great deal on a pair of used Volkl AC 3 titanium's.  I little wider ski than the RX8 so I figured for the money the AC 3 was more versatile...But I'll be keeping my eye open for a pair of the RX8 Pro's...the second I see a pair on clearance I'll pick a set up.  I think they'd make a great "all mountain" mogul ski.
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Any more thoughts on the RX 8 Pro's ?

Websites that sell them mark them as intermediate: I'm an expert east coaster looking for ski that is good in (hard) bumps and can go fast on ice.

Also: these are offered with FS 10 bindings: are these lower end Tyrolia's, or do they only have lower maximum DIN

Am currently on Head XRC 1200's with Tyrolia FR12's.




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RX8 is really an advanced to relaxed expert carver.  Had a pair for 4 years and really liked them for skiing Vermont when there was no fresh snow.  A step up is the Progressor 8+.  That or the 9+ or new 10+ would be better choices for a true expert.

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Haven't skied, but for what it's worth being a step down in the pecking order (a slightly softer ski) and having a dual radius implies  that it will work better in those hard bumps.  If you were looking for an expert's front side carver to hold onto tight turns, I would say get an WC SC, but for bumps these might be better.  (then again I suck at bumps too)

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I have the 05/06 RX8 with a 66mm waist and Fischer (Tyrolia) 12 DIN railflex bindings with the "diagonal heel."  I also purchased on Ski Depo a year ago a spare pair of 08/09 RX8 Fires (for less than $300 with bindings).   Bindings are the same on the two skis (the newer RX8 Fire may have a slightly upgraded version of the railflex system).  Waist is apparently 1mm narrower on the RX8 Fires.


I like my RX8's in moguls, even in icy moguls.  I may have difficulties with "stout" moguls, but the skis aren't to blame.


The one thing I don't like about skiing bumps with the RX8's is that in sticky (spring) snow I need to turn the DINs up (from 7 to 8/8.5) or I sometimes manage to twist my boot out of the binding when I plant firmly in a trough and try to pivot the ski.  It's pretty clear to me that this is caused by the "diagonal heel."  When this happens the ski that I leave behind always stays exactly where I left it, and it takes me about 1/2 a turn to realize that one of my skis is gone.  This happened to me once on Catamount Bowl at MRG.  A woman who was watching me from the bottom of the slope laughed her head off because it took me far longer than it should have to realize that one of my skis was gone.


I believe the heel on the 10 DIN binding for the RX8 pro is a step down from the "diagonal heel" in the Tyrolia binding lineup.  However, I'm not sure that's a bad thing.  Only the 12 (and 14) DIN bindings use the diagonal heel.  The mojo 15's use the "racing heel" (the name is something like that), which does not include the diagonal release feature.


I like and can recommend the RX8 Fire.  I have not skied any of the Progressor series skis, so I can't compare them.



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Interesting that you have had this problem.  I have had the exact same experience on my RX8's and felt like something was wrong b/c I was releasing so abruptly and unexpectedly in those conditions.  I, too, turned up the DIN, but felt a bit wierd doing it, since I never had problems in other situations. 
Never considered it might the binding style itself.

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tch, put your boots on, clamp into your RX8's and try to twist your heel sideways out of the binding.  You'll be surprised how little effort it takes to free your boot (assuming your DINs are not cranked way up).



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thx for the helpful replies


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