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"The defense never rests . . ." Flea Bailey . . . but we can still hope it does.

Respect for the moderator's directives, please.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
AC, how about we don't allow such endless nonsense to occupy 5 pages (as in this thread) or 15 pages (as in the source "Balance" thread)?
While I love sparring with you, and I agree that David’s writing style could use some polish, I have to agree with AC's position. The personal attacks don’t forward the discussion. Since you are resistant to AC’s gentle pressure, why don’t you just stop visiting this thread? It is AC’s bandwidth and if he is ok with this use, who are you to complain? It seems that this has become personal for you and that is impairing your objectivity. So, take a few deep breaths, count to 10, drink one of Ott’s Manhattan’s (or 2, he won’t mind) and leave this thread and its spawn to others. Go be the gad about gonzostrike we all know and some love. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] You can’t be irritated or insulted if you don’t read the thread. Think about it.

If you think my position above is paternalistic, it is. Get over it. This is an intervention. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]


PS: AC my apology for any personal attacks I may have participated in. But I stand by the occasional thread hijacking as injecting a small amount of humor in an otherwise dense thread. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Edit: Doooooh, spelling.

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Originally posted by David M:
What part of “the body is the most important piece of equipment you will ever own” are you having trouble with? If you are frustrated take a good look in the mirror. There, you have found the problem already. That was the easy part.

“Most people would rather die than think – in fact they do”. Bertrand Russell
David M,

I asked you to describe the boots that revolutionize skiing. That is what you promised originally, remember? Instead you insult me.

You should tone down your language if you want to retain your credibility. I am not your enemy, and I am intelligent enough to distinguish between body and equipment. I am asking about the equipment not about the body!
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thanks AC, it is nice to have some adult supervision around here. It was getting dark.
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Coming soon: a synopsis on what David is talking about, with PICTURES!
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I can't believe I read the whole thing. One of the things I used to really hate when I took clinics was to have some pompous, boring clinician trying to explain an aspect of skiing in 1000 words or less. Of those who were not gazing off in the distance after 100 word we looked at each other and said, what?

One of the talents I admired most about the coaches at the National Academy was that they were able to take some fairly complex aspects of the body-equipment relationship and make them simple and understandable to the entire group. If you can't do that and you hold yourself out to be a teacher then you are not ready for prime time.

I don't have the time and inclination to learn every subject in-depth so I rely on people I believe to be experts. I am passionate about skiing and hope that most of those I consider to be experts feel the same way. It's a sad situation if you put yourself out as an expert, but are not truly committed to that end.

Until I see more proof and a more concise explanation of what David M is trying to say I will have to abstain from drinking the koolaid.
One other hint. Don't assume that people on this board don't have your knowledge.
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Originally posted by Lucky:
Until I see more proof and a more concise explanation of what David M is trying to say I will have to abstain from drinking the koolaid.
One other hint. Don't assume that people on this board don't have your knowledge.
I think what DavidM is saying is that the foot is a complex flexible structure, the natural flexing of the foot facilitates sensory awareness of what is going on at the foot in terms of balance, that a stiff ski boot is necessary to apply sufficient edge pressure to the ski, but a stiff boot nevertheless inihibits the foot's sensory function, causing the body to reflexively adopt a defensive posture. DavidM has also implied that he has a revolutionary solution which avoids the inherent compromises in current ski boots implied by the foregoing.

Regardless of the fact that I now realize that my boots are hopelessly compromised, I WENT SKIING TODAY. I POINTED MY COMPROMISED BOOTS DOWNHILL AND EVERYTHING WORKED FINE.


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but a stiff boot nevertheless inihibits the foot's sensory function, causing the body to reflexively adopt a defensive posture. -JohnD
John, I believe what DavidM is saying is rather than a stiff boot inhibiting the foot it is more an overly confined foot that inhibits the balance function. What he's calling the adaptive phase of the foot believing it is on solid ground.

This is good, can we get back to the discussion?

Talk about a waste of bandwidth...How many more pages do we have to sit through where people berate a system they don't even know yet. Sure, the pomposity and arrogance may have needed to be reigned in but surely those goals have been accomplished.

In spite of all the legalistic arguments against the "thesis" or really the presentation of the "thesis" the jury (ie the rest of us or the people who were listening in the first place) want to hear the case. The argument against has been delivered, ad nauseum too, so let's just get on with hearing the rest of it.

There was quite a good discussion going on before this.

He has a whole bunch of folks in here thinking "aaaah, here's something I never thought of, he must be onto something significant." The truth is that he's not onto anything significant.
The micro focus completely distracts from the goal. -gonzo
He may be onto something very significant. Why don't we hear what he has to say first? Yeah, it could be clearer, but this never started as some thesis presentation. It was a discussion about the topic and as discussions do it strayed around a bit. If we get to the point where we're all about to drink the kool-aid or board the space ship then fine rush in and "protect" us but we're hardly near that point.

The "micro-focus" of the foot or which muscles control balance is distracting? We're not talking about everything in skiing or learning to ski here, just balance and ski boots. Not psychology of learning or learning styles or why it's difficult to learn to ski. The "goal" is just getting the optimal interface of the body to the ski. That's it. All the rest is a different discussion.

The fact is very small changes in equipment can have very big effects. Take the ski. File a few thousandths of an inch of metal off the edge to give a one degree base bevel and you have something very different.

We know "alignment" in ski boots makes a big difference. The discussion has brought up broadening the definition of alignment to include fit - how the foot fits inside the boot and not just the angle of how the leg leaves the boot. We haven't gotten to the end result or "theory" yet. So we'll just have to wait and see exactly what it is and then evaluate it. The supposition was that knowledge of the muscles and the balance mechanism was essential to understanding the theory. Is that a smoke screen or justification for something that really doesn't work? Maybe, but why don't we hear the whole thing and then decide?
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I'm wiht you Tog. I'm ready to continue! Besides who cares about a little arrogance. Are we that fragile? For myself, I like knowing where someone stands. And I have to say that so far DM's biomechanics has all added up to me. So let's take it to the conclusion DavidM. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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