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Coaching Gloves

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I'm tired of paying $100 for nice leather gloves that are riuned in a month becaues of carrying gates, drilling and screwing in gates. What do you find are the best gloves or mitts for coaching?
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Snowboard style gloves, kevlar reinforced, with idiot mitten drop strings. They are warm, and functional. Use a glove liner on colder days. Many mountaineering gloves are like that too.

Many things are a lot tougher than leather, tho leather still feels good.

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I use the leather work glove's you find at most hardware stores. I don't think I 've spent over $20. on a pair. Under most conditions my hands are warm and dry. If you carry a packpack on the hill (extra drill battery, etc.) put your warm race glove's in it, then change into them when your done setting.
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This summer for salting I used a pair of Snap On mechanics gloves. $39 with leather inserts in all the right places and velcro strap. Impact was the model. Not warm enough for cold winters like we have in Dairy Air.
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