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Motion on volkl five stars

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Hi people! Long time no talk. Been busy with new baby. I'm looking to pick up last years Five stars in 175; I have leads on used pairs with motion and without ( 1400's with piston plate, drilled). I demoe'd them and had a blast but can't remember the exact set up. I beleive it was a 1200 non piston motion standard demo. I read the one opinion I found on epic which was the ski's better without the motion. Any thoughts?
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A friend of mine was thinking of buying a pair of these at the beginning of last season, and we demoed them quite a bit. The ones we demoed were without either the Piston or Motion, just a regular demo binding. My buddy liked them, but I felt they were a little bit bouncy, but I'm about 25 lbs. heavier than he is. We were both skiing the 175. He later went back and tried them again, but with the Motion. I didn't try it myself, but he thought it made the ski smoother. A shop guy who sells them told me the best setup was to buy the ski with the Piston Motion setup. The Piston Motion comes with a built in plate that he said helps support the Motion rails. He said the next best thing was to buy the ski flat and put on a regular Piston binding. He claimed that the Piston binding really smoothed the ski out. Can't say that I agree or disagree, just telling you what the guy said. All I know is that Volkl sold a ton of these skis last year, all the shops I go in were sold out of them, and said they couldn't get any more from Volkl. I did surprizingly run across a leftover pair of Piston Motions (the ones with the plate) in a 175 at a local shop a while ago. I don't know if they've still got them or not, I know that most of the shops have started to get next years stuff in already. If you want me to check to see if they've still got them, let me know.
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Mac; see if your shop still has them. I far prefer the graphics on last years model(first things first) and perhaps can get a break on them. Deep Powder house at Alta was selling their last pair at $500, a steal, but they were 182s. really tempting. I tried those out and stayed with them all afternoon. I took out the 175's in the a.m. It was a spring day with refrozen boilerplate underfoot, about two inches of champaign powder on top, snowing hard, windy, and with well, let's say poor visibility. The 175's were so much fun and quick they were like dancing, ice and all; but still very stable and smooth. Amazingly versitile; my new frontside ski.(pardon the rave, couldn.t help it) The 182's were even more fun but limited to pretty big turns. I found myself working pretty hard in bottlenecks but letting them run in the open was just a blast. Visibility being what it was, it was an interesting day. {Alta, nasty stinging grapple blowing horizontally, nobody out}
Anyway. I've got a pretty good shot at the 175's with the 1400s, no motion but a piston plate. I generally prefer lively over damp. These have an off switch on the piston. But I should decide soon. They won't last.

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I've skied the 5 and the 6 star with Motion and with Piston Motion. I wouldn't buy them without the Piston. In fact, I turned down a pair of 6-stars with regular motion for a really good price.
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Rubob Congrats on the Baby ! Being a Volkl Guy I demoed the 5 Stars with Motion and without in a 168. I found the motion system seem to take away from the lively action of these cruisers esecially on Hardpack here in the east compared to the straight piston 1400. They danced and responded quicker with just the 1400 non motion. Really couldn't feel a difference with the piston on/off. Motion seems great for dampening the ride but for all out aggressive feel the straight piston is the way to go and you won't be dissappointed. Check ebay for a good price. Just use the feedback rating as a guide for the seller. Picked up these bad boys in the middle of the season with 1400's for 5 and a quarter. Checked for you on Ebay there is are 175 with pistons Drilled already but never seen action in the price range you are looking at. Good luck
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Got 'em. 40% off sticker, last years, in the box. Thanks for the tip Mac. Ended up with the piston motion. I hear you Blu, you're describing what I look for in a ski - snappy is good... we'll see how they feel. A lot of the shop guys here really talk up the motion, puts the whole edge into the turn, blah blah blah...The best way to do it is as you did, try both bindings. If they're anything like the pair I demoed, I can't lose. Anyway, the drilled pair I looked at locally was overpriced and pretty thrashed. I checked e-bay and didn't see anything. I bid on a pair a few days ago and the item vanished; I've seen nothing of it since. Got my pair from a shop in R. I. Thanks for the input all. I'm stoked! R. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I think telemark-pyrenees has the T50 5 star available for about 470 euros, with binding, but only in 182's. They seem to have a better selection of the p50's for about the same cost. unfortunately the currently weak dollar means that is about $550.

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Hey! My skis showed up again on E-bay. The 175's with the bonus, some Technica Icons. I bid on them and then they just vanished for two days. I assumed they were withdrawn. This happens often on e-bay? Anyway, there's just a few hours to go and the bid so far is $500. The boots would make nice planters...or I suppose you could turn around and re-sell them to defray the cost further... on e-bay!
Anyway, thanks for the input everyone. I hope you all had a great season. Mine was very short. First year in almost a decade that I didn't pay off my Alta pass. It's the multiple baby, toddler combination that is so common here in Utah. The good news is they are growing bigger all the time and before you know it will be pizzapiing through giant bump fields with me tagging along.Huff puff...
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