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Sydney Crosby

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Is a pussy and will surely pay over the coming years for breaking the Stanley Cup tradition of shaking hands after the series win.


What's up with that?

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Lars, you got it backwards. Lindstrom, Zetterburg and the rest of the disrespectful Wings couldn't wait to get off the ice. They're the ones that dissed the tradition. I recall last year all the Pens waited while the Wings skated the Cup and celebrated on Pittsburgh's ice. The losers wait for the champs, Detroit showed no class, no respect. Screw Detroit, sore losers.


Why are you on the hate Crosby bandwagon?


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Sid the kid is an awesomely good young player. Reminds me very much of a young , healthy Bobby Orr. Throughout the series, as well as last years series, there were barbs and jabs from both. It's part of hockey. And one of the longtime traditions of the game is to show the respect for the opposition reguardless of personal feelings. Crosby is the future of the game and observed by thousands of young hockey players around the world who idolize him and his game. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. He should have seeked out Zetterberg specifically. If for nothing else, for the satisfaction to shake his hand and smile while he knows the hurt felt by Zetterberg. he chose to celebrate while everyone else shook hands. i watched the whole thing. He knew what he was doing just as Lebron james knew what he was doing. Is that the message we want our youth to have? It's a longtime tradition that was broken. It will come back to hurt him professionally, some way.


I do not hate him. He's awesome. He just needs to grow up some.

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He found Babcock's hand, he found Osgood's hand.



Sid, by all accounts around town is as humble, as dedicated a person as you will find. He turns a deaf ear to all the BS criticism leveled at him, like he's a whiner. He give competitors their due and deflects praise to his team mates. He is a fine role model for my son.



This topic is being driven by the hate Crosby crowd and sore Detroit fans whose Hockey Town title has been tarnished. I'm sorry I took this bait.

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This hand shaking thing is the dumbest gripe I've ever heard.


You have a young team winning their first Cup.  Crosby getting mobbed by the media, meanwhile, Detroit does the exact opposite of what the Pens did last year.  The Pens waited on the ice witnessing every second of DET's celebrations, waiting to shake their hands.  Detroit this year hauled ass off the ice as soon as possible because they never imagined the team they destroyed last year could take the Cup from them on their home ice.  The majority of the team didn't stick around long, they high tailed for the locker room.


Sid was caught up in the moment and the media.  He went to shake hands as soon as possible and many Wings had left the ice.


I really doubt that with Stevie Y in attendance (Sid's other major role model) he purposely dissed the hand shake line.


This is a story drubbed up by the has been Draper and nothing else.  Even Lidstrom said it's nothing.  There's video showing the time line.  Sid is shaking hands with Babcock and exactly 1 second later, the camera is showing Hossa and Liddy going down the runway.  Was he supposed to chase them to the locker room?


Like Sid said, it's tough to shake the hands when you lose, but it's the easiest thing in the world when you win.  Why would he do it on purpose?  Draper needs to stop crying and face facts.  The big red machine lost and they didn't even see it coming.

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I'm also pretty disappointed that the ceremonial handshake, the most important one of the season every year, didn't go down in its entirety.  I'd like to see both teams do something to make it up somehow, like doing it before the first game they play together next season.  It's as important as the game of hockey itself.  If they're going to stop that, they might as well stop allowing fighting altogether and make it a "non-contact" sport the likes of basketball.  I'll probably quit following when (not if) it comes to that.

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