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Looking for a soft shell jacket

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So my birthday is coming up and I'm planning to ask for a soft shell jacket.  I'd use it for skiing, snowboarding, winter cycling, and general use.  I'd like something warm, breathable, wind and water resistant and comfortable.  Good pockets would be a plus.  My budget doesn't reach Arc'Teryx levels, unless there's a killer sale somewhere.


Cabela's has a nice looking one on sale, made with Power Shield fabric.


Outdoor Research Credo looks pretty good, too and is on sale at a few places.


Any thoughts on which of these would be better?  Any other recommendations?  I'm thinking somwhere in the $100-125 range, but if I'd get a lot more for a bit more money I might consider it.

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Keep an eye on Gearattack.com  for great deals on good quality stuff. Arc'teryx soft shell for around 200 and many more affordable soft shells come available often.They had some available a couple days ago and they will come back sometime.

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Check out REI Outlet on the web. I was in one of their stores today and they had many softshells in the discount racks.


If you wear an Arc L, look at Finndog's black A/T in the Gear Sale section. It's insulated so it may be a little heavy, but his stuff is in great shape.

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Thanks for the replies, folks.  Just to add a bit more for consideration, I've heard really good things about the Mountain Hardwear Alchemy and Synchro.  Any thoughts or input on those two?

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Slight tangent, but not really, to tag onto the OP's question about Mountain Hardwear: I have three MH jackets (down, rain, and its version of a driclime windshirt), and the zippers on all of them are a pain in the ass. Wondering if anyone else has these issues, and to the OP, make sure you check out the zippers.(Basically they are sticky, and constantly zip up the little flap of fabric next to the seam, whatever that thing is called. I don't have this problem on my Patagonia, ArcTeryx, Mammut, Nike, Nau, Marmot, etc. jackets.)

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Haven't seen any complaints about the zippers in the reviews I've read, seg, but that's useful to know.

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Segbrown is extremely knowledgeable about what she speaks.


I have a Marmot soft shell that is amazing.  The Fabric is breathable, water resistant, the zippers are great, the pocket placement is ideal, and the hood fits over my helmet. 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Segbrown is extremely knowledgeable about what she speaks.


That's just a nice way of saying I'm a jacket slut?


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Hey there!!

Keep an eye out for Treeline Gear Inc.

It is a new company developing ski equipment and clothing.


not scheduled to release anything until this fall,so if you need it sooner then check out salomon,they make some good garments.

also check out backcountryoutlet.com

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Treeline: I always appreciate being informed of new companies....particularly with all the brand homogenization going on but your posts are getting close to spamage.... 

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Just scored an Arcteryx Sidewinder AR (gold) off of SAC for $249. YIPPEEE!


It'll sit safety in the closet awaiting next season next to it's siblings the Stinger (jalapeno), Sidewinder SV (2 tone blue), Fission AR (red), Patriot (blue) and Gamma (red).


Look, for that price nothing else makes sense, they're really that good (I've got a bunch of Mountain Hardwear, HH etc). And at that price, you can wear it for a season and if you're not thrilled, sell it for the same price.


Stay tuned to SAC (that's the second time they ran these), and get in fast. Oakley A frams and Arcteryx jackets FLY out of there when the prices are good.

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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post


That's just a nice way of saying I'm a jacket slut?


Takes one to know one! 

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Relax guy!!! I don't mean any wrong doing.Just trying to get the name out there.Besides i gave salomon a plug,i'm a big fan of their products! Sorry if i offended you,not what i am trying to do.

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