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Park Skis - k2 Extreme

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Allright, so this year im looking to get some skis that i can learn to do tricks and ski the park on.  I'm thinking of getting k2 extremes (either 169 or 174).  I currently have atomic crimsons in 169cm that i use for most of my skiing, and i really like them.   But I'm really not sure which ski to get or what length to get (should i get park skis that are longer or shorter than what i normally ski, ive heard mixed suggesstions).  Oh, and I'm 5'10" and weigh about 170.  Thanks in advance for any ideas

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The K2 Extreme is more of an all mountain ski than a pure park ski.  It's a bit too heavy for lots of park use. If you have another ski for most of your skiing, you might want to consider more of a straight park oriented ski.  I'm not much for the park, so I cant help with recommendations, but there are others here who will chime in.


Good luck with the search!



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