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Need ski advice

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I'm coming back to the world of 2 planks after having been on a snowboard for a long time. I havn't bought a pair of ski's since the mid 90's when i bought my last pair of Dynastars. I've snowboarded a LOT since then, but it's starting to wear on me. I currently can ride pretty much everything on the mountain on a snowboard, When I quit skiing i was riding ALMOST everything on the mountain. I currently live in Portland so my access is pretty much year round.

My local shop recommended that since i'm coming from a snowboard that i might be more comfortable on a park/all mountain ski. I definetely want something that can float the pow, but at the same time will be fun to ski on the groom when Mt. Hood hasn't seen any fresh and is tracked out. Of course i'll do plenty of research on my own, and even demo some ski's. But I was wondering what reccomendations people here would have. I'm 5' 9 and weigh 200 pounds. I want something that I can grow into as i regain my skill, and progress beyond that.

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Welcome to Epicski.  Your question has no simple answer - there are a ton of capable skis out there to do what you want.  Maybe some searches on this question are in order since what you ask has been covered many times.


At your size, I'd suggest something around 170-180 cm long and around 90-100 mm at the waist.  Since you mention the park, a twin tip might be good.  Just a good starting point, maybe the Head Mojo 90.

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