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Ski Trip pre-plan: Two weeks in Jan/Feb 2010 for Jackson Hole and Utah!

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Looking for trip advice.


We are just thinking of our next trip out west.  The plan is to flyinto SLC, rent a 4x4 and travel to Jackson for a few days, then travel back to SLC.  Any suggestions for travel etc.?  Not sure what the roads are like for example.


Thanks in advance!

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Great destinations!


I've only been to Utah but I'm sure JH is awesome.


In Utah, you can get discount lift tickets in some stores/malls/ in SLC.

I forgot the name of the places with the best discounts, but certainly some Bears from Utah can tell you precisely.


Don't miss Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

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Thanks Thiago. 

We were last at Utah Feb. 2008 when they already had 530" at Alta and continued to snow every second or third day.  Truly epic for our family from Toronto!.


As for lift tickets, we will purchase the Superpass online prior to our trip.  We saved 50% off normal ticket prices in 2008.


Can JH tickets be had at a great rate too?

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That is a great idea and I have done that trip 3 times now but usually over about 8 days, not 2 weeks.

Here's what we do.  Fly into SLC, coming from Maine that usually means a noon landing.  Then drive north on I-15 up to Idaho Falls and spend the night (about 4 hours on good roads).

Then the following morning we drive to Grand Targhee and ski the day, about a 1/2 hour from Idaho Falls.

In late afternoon (and before dark!) we head over Teton Pass and into Jackson to whereever we stay for the night.

We usually ski at JH for 2 - 3 days, then on the last day, quit about 2 and drive back to SLC.  On the way home, instead of driving back over the pass and to the interstate, we head down Hwy 89 that travels south along the west side of Bear Lake and into Logan.  About 260 miles and 5 hours, but absolutely beautiful and zero traffic.  I've never experienced it in bad weather, but definitely check the forecast because there is at least an 80 mile stretch where you might not see another car.

Then of course back to SLC or Park City.  I like to ski a different resort every day so that usually means Alta first, then Solitude, Snowbasin, Snowbird, Canyons and PCM if time allows.  If it falls over a weekend then Snowbasin and Solitude are my first choices.  Have a great trip and tell us more about your plans once you've got it together.

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Any suggestions for a 1-2 bedroom home/condo in Jackson?  I've used VRBO and Cyber Rentals in the past for SLC and Sugarbush.

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Apologies if this comes accross as a hijack of the thread!!

Am also planning a couple of weeks early feb with 4 mates from Australia.  looking for a condo in Jackson Hole, however unsure whether we should stay in Teton or Jackson Villlage.  We are here for the skiing, however being 26yr olds obviously would love to save some $$ and be accessable to a couple of nice watering holes.

Appreciate any sugguestions or in sight on locations.

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Poking around to see what kind of pricing we can find for a condo in Jackson Hole resort and Cottonwood Heights SLC.  I know Cottonwood fairly well, but not familuar with JH condos.  Since we will have a SUV, can anyone suggest where to stay in JH?  I'm ok with driving a little to the hill to save a few $$'s. 

Also, I hear the best snow for JH is in Jan/Feb.  If I had to pick early or late Feb. to stay away from Pres. week, what is the best choice for snow?
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Well, there is a SNOTEL site at 8300 feet not that far from JH.

It can give you historical data till you are blue in the face...

Of course, snow depth isn't everything -- there is snow quality too, which this isn't going to tell you.

I think anytime in February is fine.

The first time I went to JH, I used this site at the end of the season to confirm that I was there the ONLY week the whole winter with no fresh snow.  Go figure...
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All plans set.  We are flying into SLC on Tuesday, arrival time of 1:30pm.  We plan to drive the 5 hrs straight to Jackson Hole via Idaho Falls as per Google maps, also have a GPS.  We are renting a 4x4 at SLC.  Is this time and length a bad idea?  I'm from Canada and very use to driving in snow in the dark etc.

Also, is this route the preferred one for taking the trip for the first time?  Is there many steep pitches through mountains I need to worry about?
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 The fastest way is through Soda Springs, WY.  It's not too bad usually, but in an intense storm cycle I might stay on the main road through IF.  Conditions are good now and it's currently snowing.  
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