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I've been riding with different groups in Chicago. I have been avoiding the ones that describe 30 mph plus speeds. The result has been moderate travel in the 16 mph range for the entire ride, including traffic stops. These groups just ride, no pace line is ever maintained. These slower groups have allowed me to rack-up the miles without overtraining, but I've been hoping to find a faster crowd.


Well, I found a faster crowd. The advertise 22 mph pace with some faster travel. The first 20 minutes went well, I stayed with the leaders at a 22 to 24 mph pace. I felt like I could pick up speed as needed. We had a strong cross wind, I should have followed to the left of the riders in front of me. But I was reluctant to ride near the center line, so I sat in the wind for a few miles at around 22 mph.


Needless to say, I was soon running on empty. No longer able to pick-up speed as needed, I was dropped after 15 miles.


I will say I expected it, everyone gets dropped when starting to group ride.


This was this clubs "A" group, their "B" group meets on Monday. I'll be there next week.