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SCSA rethink

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Hi all, all this talk about jumping back on old skis and then back to your shaped skis got me thinking.
I don't remember if this was brought up in the past but when some of us old timers moved from straights to shaped skis we at first did not like it until we adjusted our skiing to take advantage of the new shapes. then technology got better and skiing got even more fun and easier.

If SCSA had just decent skiing skils before he quit as a teenager like he has said, then the all the "skills and habits" he had would have transfered, or should have transfered to his new understanding of PMTS as well as the shaped skis and 180 days on the slope. It stands to reason that it was not only PMTS but many other factors as well. (I know that part has been pointed out already) It still doesn't take away the fact that he has accomplished a lot but just more to think about. For those of you just thinking about switching to shaped skis, it's not too late...

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Good observation.
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All he had to learn was to quit hopping and lean on down the hill.
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No way. I learned because:
1) I went to a great school, with great teachers.

2) Great study guides (books and videos) - class was 24 X 7.

3) Other students to study with.
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Wow - I don't think I could even stay awake for 168 consecutive hours!
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