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Noisy Disk Brakes

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The disk brakes on my Trek 6500 make a loud squeeling sound whenever I stop. I bought the bike near the end of last season but I don't remember the brakes making a squeeling sound last year.


The brakes work fine and I have no issue with their performance, other than the laoud squeeling sound they make under medium to hard braking conditions.


Other than oiling my front and rear disks  (  ) is there anything I can do to fix this problem?  Its more of a nuisance, but it does distract from the ride.



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replace the pads.


Depending on how old they were/are and the way they are worn, they may get noisy. Some times the surface or the material starts to dry out and get hard causing noisy brakes. Also how much material left may make them noisier because the vibration pattern just finally hit a resonant frequency that causes them to squeal.



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if they stop fine who cares?


noisy is just that noise

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what kind are they? Do they always squeal, or do they have to get hot first? 

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Shimano Deore brakes.


Squealing is usually caused by fouled pads or dirty rotors or misaligned calipers.


Start with cleaning your rotors. Scotch brite the rotors and follow with a wipe down using 91% or 99% rubbing alcohol. Do not touch the rotor with your fingers. If that doesn't work replace pads. If that doesn't do it, align and/or adjust calipers.

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Ditto on the isopropyl alchohol. It won't hurt to remove and scrub the pads. I use dawn dishwashing liquid for that. I also like to keep the inner piston area clean too. I like those Q-tips that are made for cleaning babies ears. : ) On the bike that is...


Never know when you might need silky smmoooth quiteness, for the sneak.... ATTACK...PASSS!!!!!




Dam I've got to get this cast off!



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