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can't post

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Bonni is having to use her daughters computer and can log in, but not post.


Dell low end laptop, XP and explorer. don;t know what versions.


I can find out later on. 



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I've been through the same problem since shortly after the switch to the new format.  IE wouldn't work on our old laptop or on our newer pc using XP and various versions of IE.  Wouldn't work on my new IBM laptop with XP and IE8 either.  I was attributing it maybe to the fact we use a cell phone connection???


Firefox did permit us to post.


Somehow, now I can post using IE on the IBM.  Don't know what changed.

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she also cannot reply to anything, which, I guess is the same and not being able to post

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That's what I had too:  No PM message, no new post, no reply, etc., unless I used Firefox. 


Same for my wife when she set up her own membership.  She could sign in and post using IE if she used a dialup connection, but not using the cellphone connection.  That's why I thought maybe it was connected to our method of accessing the internet.  But I'm using the same wireless G3 outfit on this new laptop and it's working in IE.

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