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Skiing credit card?

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Does anyone know of any credit cards that offer points towards skiing?


I remember a few years ago, the now defunct American Skiing Company had a Visa card. Im kinda wondering if theres still anything like that out there.

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I think you would be better off with a Reward Credit card that pays you Cash.  Then you take the cash and put it toward skiing.  For a few years I had this card that was paying me 5% on food, gas, car repair, and drug store purchases.  Unfortunatly that Rewards card changed their policy down to 1%. 


If you can get 3% Cash Reward  on food and gas that is the way to go. Do some google searches for Reward Credit Cards to find the best cash back rewards card. Very important to read the fine print.  Some cards  limit it to $300 per month purchases or the say "up to 1%".  Don't believe there first statement you read.  You have to check and recheck the deal. 


I had another credit credit card that was 5% for food, drugs, and gas.  When I got my second statement I did the math only to find out they were not giving me the 5% rewards.   When I called them I got passed around and after an hour on the phone I got to talk to someone that corrected the problem.  Then I had the same problem next month.  Called again and got it fixed for a year.  Then they changed their policy back down to 1% for that card.  These credit card companies are really corrupt. .  Its amazing this stuff is legal. 


Discover card is (up to 1%) so its not really 1% but they do have 5% rewards up to $300 that changes every few months. HESS Visa gas card has 10% for first 3 months of HESS purchases and 1% for all other purchases. which I used during the $4 gas spike. After 3months the HESS Visa card went down to 5% for HESS purchases.  Now its down to 3% for HESS purchses and 1% for all other purchases.  I was  thinking about a LUKE oil credit card  (Luke Oil is a Russian company) 3% for Getty gas stations, which does most of my car repars and has reasonable gas prices. 

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I've got that HESS VISA too.  The rewards cut kinda sucks, but the straight 1% cashback on everything is still nice.


If you want something you can put towards ski trips (other than cash), a card that gets you airfare/hotel "points" might be your best bet.  Airline cards can (sometimes) be a good deal if you fly a lot for other reasons.  You have to be pretty careful with these, though, as blackout dates can be a problem around popular vacation times.


I'm not aware of any ski-specific credit cards -- which is actually sort of surprising, considering the insane number of branded cards out there.  You'd think Vail or Aspen would have done this, at least.

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