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Armada ARV 2008-2009

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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to buy my first twin tip (midfat).

I live and ski in Spain, I already own a pair of 100% on piste skis (atomic DR11), and I would like to get something different.

My ski level is intermediate/advanced and I want the new skis to initiate myself on off piste riding and also for more comfortable riding on piste when spring conditions (crud?). Spring comes early here in Spain.

Do you think Armada ARV is a good idea? Too much waist for my purposes?

I also have many doubts on the correct lenght, I'm 179 cm and 70 kgr, 175's or 185's?

Thanks very much for any insight and sorry for my poor English.


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I think the ARV is a solid choice for what you describe.  They are fat enough to float nicely and yet will still carve well on groomers.  I found them decent in the bumps as well when I rode them last year.  This ski has been stiffened over the last few years and, consequently, is much more versatile than it used to be.  If you can get a good deal on these...go for it.  The 175s sounds like they might be right for you. 

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I appreciate very much your info.

Kind regards


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