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Slalom turns

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Hello everyone. I have 2 videos I'd like you all to see and comment it. I haven't been skiing for 15 years and this is my 5th day of skiing after the long break. I was in Vail, CO and really enjoyed it.

I know I'm doing a lot of mistakes(legs, my upper body movement etc.) and I'd like to hear your opinions.

Thank you guys!


Btw I'm the one in green clothes.

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You obviously skied a lot and were a very good skier before you stopped skiing 15 years ago.


I'd like to see a variety of turns rather than just the shortswing movements your videos display.  You do the quick turns quite well, but don't take advantage of the efficiencies available with today's equipment.


My only suggestion of something to be aware of is your tendency to tilt your head as part of your angulation movements.  That habit can detract from actual angulating at the pelvis. 

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jarpil, welcome back to the sport!  I like what I'm seeing in your skiing.  Very athletic movements, with a good ability to load the skis then extract energy/pop out of them and let them pass under your body for  the new turn. 


As for critique on how to improve, I'll second what Kneale said.  Mix up your turn shape.  You're doing what you do well, but if that's all you do it will limit how you can move about on the slope.  In the days of the straight ski turn shape limitations were imposed upon us by the lack of sidecut in the ski.  Now, with shape skis, we have the luxury of carving a much larger variety of turn radii through the application of various amounts of edge angle.  Go ahead and experiment with that, it's a lot of fun.  Tip the skis low and ride a big, fast, large radius turn.    Tip them high on edge and feel how they reduce the radius and really crank you through a sharp, high G turn. 


Then play around with your degree of turn.  Execute some turns that finish barely out of the falline, some in which you keep turning until you're actually turning back uphill, and every variation inbetween.  And mix different radii and degree of turn to expand your turn shape options even further. 


Play around with this turn shape thing.   Change on the fly.  Really put these new skis, and yourself, to the test.  See what the 3 of you can do. 


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What Rick said. 

Practice some bigger more open turns and tighten them up slowly a bit at a time.

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Welcome to Epic!  You have nice rhythm and movement in your turns.  There are two things that can make your skiing more dynamic.  The first is your position over the skis.  Rather than bending your knees and bending at the waist, flex your ankle joints so that your hips are more over the middle of the feet.  This will put you more over the center of the ski.


The second item is to engage your edges before you extend your legs.  This will allow you to take advantage of the design of the ski more and allow you to get a more defined shape to your turns.



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Thanks everyone. Can't wait for Vail to open the slopes. 5 months to go and counting :)
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