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How much thought....?

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When you are freeskiing, not leading or taking a class or preparing for an exam, how much of your mind is filled with technical details while skiing versus just skiing?

Does your thought process tend to stay at the macro level such as - "oops, a little to far back, move forward" and "hill transition, getting steeper, stay over them".

Or do you tend to think of things at the micro level - like "my outside leg is .5 degrees more angulated than my inside leg." "my inside hand is 1.5mm too far back", "I need .24lbs more weight on my inside ski"
(note: the comments used are to demonstrate what I mean by micro and should not be taken literally, unless of course that is how you think).
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This does not sound like fun at all! Anyone who is skiing "free" with those cuffs on needs a serious swat with a ski across the noggin followed by a jab with a sharp pole.

I do some "school manuvers" and take a "body inventory" a few times a day and I think I give the mechanical aspects of the game due reverence and respect. However, I use the tech stuff as a vehicle to get me to where I'm having fun and relaxing.

Some folks seem "slaved or tethered" to technical perfection. In a earlier post this week that had three friends skiing together, two having fun, one lagging behind, my feeling was that the latter of the three was in a "think-then-do" mechanical mode. Most of this will be broken by building miles on the snow through rote-repetitive behavior (but correct behavior) and then you relax.

A no-think auto pilot mode is the best place to be. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I vocalize when I ski. Bystanders think I do the voice-over for the Clairol Herbal Essences commercials. Ohh! Ahh! Ooh! Oh Yes! Yes! Yessss!!!
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I'm usually thinking...

"WOAH... that looks steep... o well, here we go.. WWHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

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>>Clairol Herbal Essences commercials. Ohh! Ahh! Ooh! Oh Yes! Yes! Yessss!!! <<

That's a Clairol Herbal Essences commercials? What channel should I watch? I want to tape that! [img]tongue.gif[/img] ---------Wigs
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I have to say, that just because I've put the A/P on in a plane, I don't quit thinking! In fact, just the opposite! It merely allows me to expand my thinking to include more than the physical aspects of flying the plane. I have to be acutely aware of everything while it's manuevering the aircraft. The engines, my course, everything around me, and of course- the scenery! (fun things)

While I'm skiing, the same is true! Just because my body is on A/P, doesn't imply my brain is too. In fact, I can ask more of it at these times. Am I enjoying the sensations? Am I allowing my percepual skills to expand further ahead of me, like radar? Things that the mind can't deal with while it's in the mechanical mode. The "fun" things.

Your original question asked if we always have analytical thoughts. Not necessarily, but it is very easy for an experienced instructor to transition from "analytical" to "fun", and back, very often.

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Wigs, It's very strange, but the Clairol commercials were designed for women--apparently, since they air with chick programming--though they seem to be very popular with the men. Maybe the advertising agency think that women take their guys with them when they shop for hair dye. "No, honey, put that L'Oreal down. You want to get the Clairol." Yesss!

VSP, It's true what you say, but I think the "present mind" doesn't leave room for irrelevant or self-conscious thoughts.
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Well, Bullet, if anyone is thinking that much while they're skiing isn't skiing! I don't think I'd want to be on anything steeper that the bunny hill with all that going on in my mind.

Keep skiing faster! :

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The more exciting the terrain the less thought that I put into skiing it. On easy greens I may concentrate a great deal. Over a rock band and I may holler like a kid who just robbed the candy store.
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