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A bit of stoke

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This video (skiers/riders are guides and locals) shows the freeriding options at Passo Tonale....

One of the "runs" has also a part where people have to "slide" (literally) into a passageway in the rocks...

See near the video end...



Avaialbe in HQ as well..

I'm not sure if I have already posted it, if so, my deepest apologies (I'm getting old and forgetful)


I think that the goals for next season are set :

-Ski only to spots (Madesimo and Tonale)

-As much offpiste as possible.


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Reminds me of the top of Whistler where you get off the tow rope and have to shuffle under the plywood to get to the other side.

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Super cool vid, thanks for sharing. Tunnel at end of clip is a trip. I don't know if I'd want to be the one who skis down first to passable. Seems like it could easily fill up...maybe meaning hiking back up?

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From the site where I found the discussion and link (it was a discussion about the freeriding "state of affairs" in Italy, a convention,a workshop, hosting ski instructors, guides and operators was held at that resort in April)

The locals knows that, avalanche dangers aside, from time to time that passage has to be freed

from snow by...shoveling. Both the way in and the way out...otherwise, the hike back "up" it's a long (and dangerous) one.

I'll try to see if I can find pictures and post a link to those...



(edited for clarity)

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Here's the whole discussion, it's in Italian, so if you enjoy foreign languages, read it.

It is quite a serious and interesting reading (and sobering, for some aspects)



Avalanches on the way down :



And this:



Is the entry to the rock tunnel...

If one is not really very familiar with the route and if the tunnel access is masked by the snow...

It could well be missed...




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