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Working at Whistler ?

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I am working on my CSIA level 3 and should pass the course by the end of the 2010 season. The goal is to move out west and work the winters at Whistler. Is there work at the ski school from December through to April?  Do they pay hourly and if not how many lessons a day could I expect to be offered? How much would an average week bring in?  In Ontario tips are nil to non what can I expect working at Whistler?  If anyone has experience working and living in Whistler I would appreciate hearing about it. 

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Yes there is lots of work in Ski School....althought for the 2010 winter they are expecting it to be dead becuase of the Olympics....(personally I dont believe they are right, but anyway).


You get paid hourly, ie you only get paid for the hours you work.  Your pay rate depends on lots of things, but for a L2, if you work off $12 to $15/hr that is probably pretty close.


Whistler only does 3 hour or 6 hour lessons.  Most are 6.  Assuming you are young, you will likely be in Kids Kamp.  That has lots of perks, and you will likely get "set up" pay, meaning if I recall you get paid for 7.5 hours a day (although it has been awhile since I worked kids, so could be wrong on that).  And you will get 5 days a week for most of the season, although it does have slow periods where you might get less.


Tips vary depending on where you work.  In privates they are good, kids groups, likely close to nil.


Having said that, as a full timer, you get a free suit, free pass, half price food, and staff housing.  Housing is ski in ski out, and used to be great....the units where on the hill and built for 2 people each, they had 2 bedrooms with a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room.  However the demand has grown such that those units built and designed for 2, now house 6!  So it is crampt, but would be fun for a young guy....worst case scenario it is good place to start, then move out once you know the town and have connections later.


Lots of good info here........


Good luck

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