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Ski resort for skiing & just relaxing

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I have a plan to pull my mom out of 16 hour working day for a week in European Alps next winter.

I could ski (reds and blacks), she could relax, read a book, have a beer, enjoy views.


What suits the best? Many red and black runs, great views, nice villages. Maybe possibility for some excursions to caves, water/ice falls.

I'm currently thinking of Solden... Looks good on piste map... http://www.ski-finder.co.uk/images/pistemaps/Solden-piste-map.jpg


What resorts could you suggest?



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Zermatt's pretty charming for non-skiers.

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I skied once for a week while based in Salzburg, Austria. Commuted by a special bus/shuttle each day to a different nearby ski area. By end of week I concluded that Salzburg was an excellent destination for a group consisting of skiers and nonskiers and you can make ski friends on the bus.


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Pretty much any Swiss and most Austrian resorts -- Zermatt apart, Wengen, Flims, Davos, Grindelwald. If money were no object, St. Moritz.

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Like others said. Pretty much any village in Switzerland and Austria...

I'll add Dolomites in Italy for the scenery.

Select an hotel with a SPA, she'll love it.

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Unfortunately money is object... :( Economic crisis here in Latvia :(

So I'll stick to appartments..  440 euro for 7 nights for 4 persons this winter was a reasonable price, I don't want to pay 2 or 3 times more...

As for SPA... Good idea :)

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Why "Zermatt apart"? Hard to beat Zermatt for scenary, ambiance, on-slope eating (much of which is accessible for non-skiers too). Not to mention how easy it is to get there. It's not cheap, true.

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Wengen would get my vote.

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Yeah, Wengen's not a bad choice. Pretty scenic area. Saas Fe? Bit spendy. Cortina wouldn't be bad either. St Moritz is an interesting choice, with a lot to do for non-skiers, but maybe not the place if you want village atmosphere.

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Zermatt looks good

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Bad Gastein


Large ski area with loads of long reds. Some good blacks too. Very picturesque. As for a non-skiing mother, it is a spa town, so there are lots of, well, spas. There is also a long cave you can ride a train into to reach the hot springs. There is a waterfall right through the center of town, too. Also a number of walking trails. A day trip to Salzburg is also easy by train. It is also much cheaper the the Swiss resorts others are mentioning. Reading the OP, it sounds perfect.


I've not been to Solden, but from what I've heard I'm not sure it's where I would want to take my mother to relax.

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My godfather recomended Solden as a good place for skiing with great apres ski :)

It is on of his favourite places.

As I can see in web cams, 3 viewpoints 3000m above sea level promise great views...


As for Bad Gastein... I will read some reviews about it... ;)


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Sorry. I just meant that Zermatt had already been mentioned. It's not so easy to get to (but a lovely train ride) and not cheap (but then nowhere in Switzerland really is). Otherwise a superb choice.

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Thank you for advices :)


I think, that Bad Gastein should be the destination... If there will be a destination (some great news for february expected ).

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Megeve might be another one to consider. Really pretty spot, easy to get to, it's in France, right? so slightly cheaper than Switzerland I guess.  

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There are just so many nice places in the Alps and the selection depends also on some othe criteria.


When do you plan to go and how? If you plan to take a flight, what airports can be easily accessed from Latvia?

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Airports - no problem to get from Riga to Munich, Milan, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna.

But we are planning to go by car - it's much cheaper. I have friends in Berlin, I will spend a night there.

Riga - Berlin 16 hours by car. 12 of them in Poland... That is an adventure .


Germany is pleasure on the second day... So Austria is the closest one :)

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I'm sure you'll enjoy Bad Gastein if that's where you end up. I was there with my girlfriend and father over Christmas. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. There was actually a couple in the apartment building we stayed in that had driven from Latvia.


It's a long drive, as you know, but that end of the alps will be a shorter drive than most anywhere else.

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Thanks :)


I like that feeling of trevelling what you get when you go by car.  Waking up at 3:00 AM... Driving on coffee and energy drinks... Sleeping in back seat of car...


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